October 31, 2002

Rising Phoenix Series #19: Visions and Actions of Light

Hello everyone

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Here is now a compilation of light-filled visions and actions fostering urgently needed changes of heart.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"The secret of bringing Peace on Earth is to remember that whatever peace you bring must begin on that little piece of earth where you live."

- Sent by Cecilia Garaycochea <ceesga1@yahoo.com>

"We Hereby Join Together, in Heart, Mind, Action and Energy, as a Council of Peace, to Declare Ourselves for Peace,to Add to the Collective Power for Peace on Earth, to Forswear the Use of Violence, to Support True Collaboration and the Resolution of Conflict through Peaceful Negotiations, Held in Good Faith, without Duplicity, and to Proclaim Our Unity with All Things and Our Support for the Highest Good of All."

From the Council of Peace website at http://www.councilofpeace.net/

Recommended by Joie Bourisseau <bridge@rainbowbridgecoalition.org>. This Council of Peace was founded about a month ago and now counts 182 people from 19 countries. The statement above was "generated through" Mark Landau <m@sky5.com>. Two other initiatives were also recommended by Joie:

"Choose Peace Now" at http://www.choosepeacenow.org

and the "Global Governance" group as proposed by Soleira Green <Soleira@Soulutions.co.uk> and explained in her Global Creatives Update #36 posted at http://www.SOULutions.co.uk


1. World Parliament Invitation
2. Grading Government Performance & A Spiritual Vision of the World's Affairs
3. Third Iberamerican Web of Light Gathering, Nov 21-24 in Caracas, Venezuela
4. A Prayer for the People of this Earth
5. A parable of our times
6. Internet weathers a heavy assault

See also:

July 25, 2003 / Day Out of Time / GALACTIC BE-IN
This is a call for artists and creative humans everywhere to join in a massive day-long celebration of life, love, art and universal forgiveness, marking a new era of peace and harmony and the birth of a renewed Galactic Earth. A mass demonstration of unified good will worldwide promoted by Jose Arguelles.

Picture of the "Golden Light Grid
Created by Maureen Ericson who also publishes THE NEW EARTH NEWS - A Magazine Celebrating the Rebirth of the Earth! (Details at http://www.thenewearthnews.com)



From: "Rob Wheeler" <robineagle@worldcitizen.org>
Subject: World Parliament Invitation
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002

Dear Jean,

I am writing to invite you to participate in a list serve discussion focusing on developing a preparatory process leading towards a World Parliament. I send you the invitation in French, English, and Spanish. While it would be wonderful if you could participate, I also know that you are quite busy - so please do what is best for you.

We will be sending out bi-weekly and monthly summaries of the discussion, which you will get automatically if you participate or I can send to you otherwise. I will be one of three facilitators and it will continue for the next 6 months. If you would like, I would appreciate it if you will send the invitation to the ERN list serve.

I have been on the list for quite a number of years. I continue to appreciate the great service you provide; and feel as though we are working together to create a new world. Good to hear about you working in the garden and living close to nature, as we do too. May love bring us all inner and outer peace.

All the best,

Rob Wheeler Coordinator, Global Peoples Assembly Network WP21 Facilitator


An Invitation to Participate in an E-Forum on Creating a World Parliament for the 21st Century

Dear Friends,

For many years, we have witnessed a growing interest in the idea of setting up a World Parliament to represent the people, in order to enhance the establishment of the international rule of law. Over the past ten years, the UN has held conference after global conference, resulting in many broken promises but not much in terms of funding and implementation. At the same time, our global challenges and problems have gotten increasingly worse. Meanwhile civil society has brought forth a vast array of interesting proposals that could really make a difference in the world, if only they were implemented.

An idea whose time has come

A growing number of us are convinced that the time to act is now. If national governments are not able or willing to act responsibly, then it is time for us - we, the people - to do it ourselves. This past December, the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural, and United World held World Citizens Assembly in Lille, France resulting in a project to prepare for a Constituting Assembly for the World Parliament.

The Lille Assembly followed a series of Local and Continental Meetings and included the preparation of 55 Proposal Papers covering almost every issue area. The Alliance includes thousands of dedicated people and organizations; and the World Citizens Assembly brought together citizen leaders from every corner of the earth and walk of life.

First step: an E-Forum

As a first step in developing an organizational process for the World Parliament, the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation is sponsoring an electronic online E-Forum, in association with the Alliance, to discuss the basic issues of establishing it. However, so as not to start a new process from scratch (as many people and organizations have discussed this idea for quite a while), we are inviting both the leaders and members of such organizations to join us in this discussion and planning process.

Our goal is to develop and launch a Preparatory Process leading up to a global Constituting Assembly for the World Parliament. The main lines and features of this process will be decided through the e-forum, though one possibility is that the preparatory process could include local and regional meetings and assemblies held around the world.

Timeline and topics of discussion

The e-forum began on October 15 and will continue for six months. We will conclude with a summary of the discussions, the primary outcomes, and group recommendations on where we should go from here. The primary topics of discussion will include:

A) An introduction to the e-forum, why a World Parliament is needed, and the values and principles on which a World Parliament can be based.

B) The characteristics and place of a world parliament in relation to the evolving architecture of global governance.

C) The internal and external structure and organization of the world parliament.

D) The manner by which we could develop and implement the international rule of law through the creation of a world parliament, including specific program proposals for addressing our primary global problems.

E) Development of a preparatory process and plan of action for creating the world parliament. Conclusions and report on the outcomes of the e-forum.

Diversity of participants

We will be inviting as broad a cross section of civil society (along with people from intergovernmental organizations, government and business) to participate as possible. We are particularly interested in ensuring that there will be gender, age, regional, and political balance; and are thus especially encouraging women, youth, and people from outside of the Western Hemisphere to participate.

The forum will be held in three languages (English, Spanish and French), meaning that all of the messages will be translated into the other two languages. We are also hoping to be able to process messages from Chinese and Arabic.

We would therefore like to extend this invitation to participate in the e-forum to you or your organization as well as to other individuals or organizations that you might recommend. Please send us the names and contact information of people that you think we should invite. We would like to include as many people in the e-forum as possible and thus require that all participants maintain the quality of input and dialogue. Please let us know if you would like to participate by sending a message to: <wp@alliance21.org>.

For more information go to: http://www.alliance21.org/forums/info/world-parl. This website will contain the basic information for the forum. Please go there to read the welcoming messages and instructions for the e-forum. After that, messages can be sent to the list serve at: <world-parl@forums.alliance21.org> beginning with a short introduction about you and why you're interested in the World Parliament.

Thank you for your interest, support and participation for all of these many years.


Rob Wheeler, Arnaud Blin, Germà Pelayo,
Facilitators for the WP21
World Parliament for the 21st Century

NOTE FROM JEAN: If need be, please write to Rob to get the Spanish or French version of this invitation.



Good Morning World, a message from Robert Muller

#003: Grading Government Performance

October 26, 2002

~ Idea 53 ~ '5000 Ideas & Dreams For A Better World'

1 September 1994

Children and students are graded for their performance and behavior.

Why should not governments be graded too for their performance?

A yearly performance report should be produced by the UN or by an outside organization similar to Amnesty International.

A Performance International can show for example:

* the number of years a country has lived in peace with others,
* violence statistics,
* ratification of international treaties,
* implementation of UN recommendations on a host of subjects (human rights, labor relations, the environment, etc.),
* disarmament,
* shifting of military expenditures to peaceful, productive and social services,
* demilitarization, etc.

Such a report would lead to a lot of good in the world.


Good Morning World, a message from Robert Muller

#006: A Spiritual Vision of the World's Affairs

October 29, 2002

~ Idea 3476 ~

At a conference on world peace and inner peace in May 1999 at the International School of Amsterdam created on the basis of my World Core Curriculum, the following thought of mine was the guideline:

"The time has come for the implementation of a spiritual vision of the world's affairs. The entire planet must elevate itself again into the spiritual, cosmic throbbing of the universe."

During the conference these other statements were also cited:

"Our main task today is to raise individuals to a higher spiritual level enabling them to respect their inner selves and be impelled by a moral force."

- Gorbachev

"If in the next ten years if we do not succeed in giving a soul, a spirituality selfhood and a meaning to Europe our efforts will have been in vain."

- Jacques Delors
President of the European Commission

"What I believe is that Europe needs more soul."

- Jacques Santer
Prime Minister of Luxembourg


To subscribe to this group, send an email to: rmgmw-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Please send comments and suggestions to: info@robertmuller.org



(This has been translated from Spanish. Ask the original Spanish document from Ricardo. A French version is also available from him.)

From: "Ricardo Ocampo" <redluz@cablevision.net.mx>
Subject: Third Iberamerican Web of Light Gathering / The Web of Hearts / Invitation / Nov 21-24 / Caracas, Venezuela!

The Web of Hearts


November 21-24, 2002

Caracas, Venezuela


Meeting in the midst of Diversity!

We hereby invite all the groups and people involved with changing paradigms either in the light of the new consciousness in all its expressions, environmentalists, those interested in preserving life on Earth, indigenous cultures, social finances, or any other fields helping to awaken the human beings. Those into the creation of webs and networks of solidarity and civil information, we are inviting you to come and join us in the 3rd Encounter, from November 21st to the 24th, 2002, in Caracas, Venezuela.

We want you to participate, to join us in this collective consciousness, to add your energy to ours to create a critical mass. If you are a light-worker, guardian of the land, of our ancient cultures, new economies, minorities, social transformation, and peace; if you feel this resonates with your wish to serve others, then, this is an invitation for you to participate. This is a call to all the people that dream of a better world, a world of peace, collaboration, brotherhood, mutual respect, of living in the midst of diversity.


The purpose of the 3rd Iberamerican Web of Light Gathering is to consolidate this new golden web in Spanish language that connects beings and willingness into one consciousness of unity, collaboration, and brotherhood, all this beyond any differences.

Our purpose is to create a web that, connecting all our hearts, will reach the critical mass necessary to turn the consciousness of our world around. A web is an organic knit that connects all the points that form the web. In a web, every point is important, there is no hierarchy. In a web, information flows “horizontally”. Today there are many networks, but we are only referring to that formed by people and beings whose hearts wish to connect to those of others in communion (common union), brotherhood, and collaboration.

A Web of Hearts

A web is an organic knit that connects all the dots and lines of which it is formed without distinction of importance or hierarchy. Today, there are many webs in our planet, but we are only going to refer to the network formed by those whose hearts wish to connect with others in communion. Adding hearts to the web we can reach the necessary critical mass that will bring about the consciousness our world needs.

This web of hearts will meet in Caracas, ancient holy indigenous valley, skirting the Guaraira Repano (Avila mountain). This majestic mountain chain will be accompanying us, revealing its mystery.

Simultaneous translation will be provided.


Four years ago, a cybernetic community was created through the Internet, formed by Spanish speaking people with a common intimate feeling of service. A new way of serving based on brotherhood, cooperation, enriched growth, peace, love, a higher consciousness. A new concept of information… good news associated with global changes, information note released by traditional media, information inspired by the light, looking for solutions to the problems confronting our planet Earth. A joining of hands to love and respect our planet, to cooperate instead of compete, of getting together because of what makes us similar and instead of our differences.

Thanks to the coordinated effort of many lightworkers, this new information started moving quickly. Virtual translation centers and editing rooms were created, cultural differences reduced, an increased wish to know each other grew and so a web of common interested and ideals was spontaneously born. Slowly a grid of light appeared, a nervous net to share information. Through this web we established a vital connection between groups, people, communities, yearnings and dreams. The first gathering took place in 2000 in Monterrey, Mexico.

More conscious of the importance of getting together periodically, a second encounter took place in 2001 in Costa Rica, with the purpose of dialoguing, understanding the mechanics of light service, creative work, a higher consciousness and brotherly sharing. Almost 200 participants came from 17 Spanish speaking countries and their enthusiasm made the 2nd encounter a Grand Communion. We met the objectives of increased participation, integration goals were clarified, new strategies for diffusion were planned, new groups and people joined in the work of the web. Finally, a proposal was made to celebrate the 3rd Gathering in Caracas-Venezuela.

Meeting in diversity

We live in a world of differences. Differences we all know, of race, sex, religion, economic, cultural, ideological…

Naming what separates us could be everlasting. Every separation and difference is based on what we call a polarized world and a belief system based in duality: bad/good, day/night, male/female, rich/poor, material/spiritual... We would also need a long list for the polarities. They are here. We know they exist and that they are part of our material reality. This division is what has gotten us into a pattern of greed for power that has led us to wars, poverty and exploitation. This is the crossroad where we are standing today; either we keep reinforcing these differences or we find alternatives of union. This dilemma has made us ponder and search for solutions. We are happy we’ve found a way. This solution is not outside; it’s not in the material world. It’s within us, in our hearts. Your heart is the center where differences dissolve, where utopia is possible, where there is neither polarity nor separation.

We are inviting every group and individual of goodwill, engaged in changing paradigms, either in issues of the environment, indigenous cultures, social finance, the new consciousness in any of its expressions as well as any other field dedicated to human awakening. To those of you dedicated to the creation of webs of solidarity and civil information, we are inviting you to participate and join us in the 3rd Encounter of the Ibero-American Light Network, to be held from November 21st to the 24th in Caracas, Venezuela. 

This III Gathering is then, the encounter of hearts, of brotherhood, an encounter of peace, of the cocreation of the New World we so much expect.

Joining in diversity, in tolerance, in plurality, in joy, in celebrating, in meditating, in love, in the outside and the inside, that is what this annual meeting is all about. This is the third consecutive time you are being invited.


We have prepared a program that includes five large subjects to cover several aspects in different ways. We plan to have a massive participation and propose living the experience and energy as an alternative way of participating.

* First Day: Light Networks / Webs, their organization, development in the Internet, anchoring in the physicality, radial communication.

SEE IN THE WEB SITE Thursday Program

* Second Day: Ancient Knowledge, the wisdom of our ancient indigenous communities, reverence to Nature. New Communities, ways of interchange, relating and grouping into a global consciousness.

SEE Friday Program

* Third Day: Planetary Ascension, groups involved with the ascension of our planet, ascended masters, contact with our intra and extraterrestrial brothers .

SEE Saturday Program

* Fourth Day: The Path of Light, new ways of healing, handling of energy, the power of prayer

SEE Sunday Program

This program is still in draft form and it may vary and be adjusted as required.


Free Community New Info Selection Services
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Forwarded by Amethyst Freeman <rainbowangelstribe@yahoo.com> on October 27

A Prayer for the People of this Earth

Our Prayers go out for all beings in fear, all beings in pain,all beings in grief, all beings in anger, all beings in hatred,all beings in illusion.

Our prayers go out for all those who suffered from the hostage situation in Moscow, and those who are still suffering, be they Russian or Chechin.

Our prayers go out for all who suffered recently in Bali, be they Balinese, Australian, Western, Eastern, Hindu, Christian, or Moslem.

Our prayers go out for those suffering in the Holy Land, Moslems, Jews, Palestinians, Christians.

Our prayers go out for all those suffering in Iraq, children,the elderly, the poor, the sick, thosesuffering from lack of food and medicines, from the white death of pulverized "depleted" uranium, from having relatives killed... and those who stand to suffer if the invaders strike again.

Our prayers go out for all those suffering in Afghanistan, one of the poorest countries of the world which has been brutalized by the super powers of the East and West.

Our prayers go out for all those suffering in Africa, in Asia,in South America, in the Middle East, and indeed all over the world, from loneliness, disease, poverty, starvation, war, greed, globalization, ignorance, deceit.

Our prayers go out for indigenous people everywhere.
May your rights, sovereignty, wealth, dignity, health, freedom, and lands be restored.

Our prayers go out for the souls of Paul Wellstone and his wife and daughter, his aids and pilots, his family and friends, for the people he represented, for theideals he stood for, for the nation he served, for the guiding principles of that nation which he helped protect, for the well-designed system of checks and balances of the government of that nation, of which he was an intrinsic part, and for the one who must fill his shoes.

Our prayers go out for all those who suffer, for any reason,and for the souls of all those who cause that suffering, whether knowingly or not. Our prayers go out for the Peace Makers, the Torch Bearers, the Vision Keepers, the Light Workers, all those who do God's work.

Oh Great Spirit, Ke Akua, Allah, YHVH, God-Goddess All That Is!

May you look down upon us here on Earth with favor,
May you shine your guiding Light upon us,
May you send your legions of angels to help us,
May you send us visions and dreams of right action,
May you strengthen our hearts and souls and minds,
May you guide us on the most direct path to you.

May truth and justice, love and respect, honor and liberty,freedom and glory reign.

That which is done, is true and correct,

That which is spoken stands before you,

Look for the Life within...

Blessings to you

Chief Arvol Looking Horse
19 Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo
Pipe of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota


From: "Suzanne Clarke" <sjclarke@mindspring.com>
Subject: FW: A parable of our times
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002

Upon observing the way we waste our precious natural resources, imagine the conversation The Creator might have with St. Francis:

"Frank, you know all about gardens and nature. What in the world is going on down there? Where are all of the dandelions, violets, thistle and stuff I planted eons ago? I had the perfect no-maintenance garden plan. My plants grew in any type of soil; they withstood drought, and multiplied with abandon. The nectar from the long-lasting blossoms attracted butterflies, honeybees, and flocks of songbirds. I expected to see a vast garden of color by now, but all I see are these green squares."

"It's the tribes that settled there, Lord. The Suburbanites. They started calling your flowers 'weeds' and went to great extent to kill them and replace them with grass."

"Grass? But, it's so boring. It's not colorful. It doesn't attract birds or bees, only grubs and sod worms. It's temperamental with temperatures. Are you sure they really want all that grass growing there?"

"Apparently so, Lord. They go to great pains to grow it, and keep it green. In the Spring they fertilize the grass, and kill any other plants that crop up."

"The spring rains and cool weather probably make the grass grow really fast. That must make the Suburbanites happy."

"Apparently not, Lord. As soon as it grows a little - they cut it."

"Cut it? Do they then bale it like hay?"

"No, not exactly, Lord. Most of them rake it up and put it in bags."

"Oh. Is it a cash crop? Do they sell the bags?"

"No sir, just the opposite. They pay taxes for the bags to be hauled off."

"Now, let me get this straight. They fertilize the grass so it will grow, and when it does grow they cut if off and pay to throw it away?"

"Yes, sir."

"Then, these suburbanites must be relieved in the summer when we cut back on the rain and turn up the heat. That surely slows the growth and saves them a lot of work."

"Sit down, Lord. When the grass stops growing, they drag out the hoses and pay more money to water it, so they can continue to mow it and pay to have it hauled off."

"What nonsense! At least they kept some of the trees. That was a sheer stroke of genius, if I do say so myself. The trees grow leaves in the spring to provide beauty and shade in the summer. In the Autumn they fall to the ground and form a natural blanket to keep moisture in the soil and protect the trees and bushes. Plus, as they rot, the leaves form a compost to enhance the soil."

"You still sitting, Lord? The Suburbanites have grown a new circle. As soon as the leaves fall, they rake them, bag them, and pay to have them hauled off."

"You're kidding! What do they do to protect the shrub and tree roots in the winter, or keep the soil moist and loose?"

"After the leaves are hauled off they buy something they call mulch
and spread it around under the trees."

"And where do they get this mulch."

"They cut down the trees and grind them up."

"ENOUGH! I don't want to think about this anymore. St. Catherine, you're in charge of the arts. What movie have you scheduled for us tonight?"

"Dumb and Dumber, Lord. It's a real stupid movie about..."

"Never mind, I think I just heard the whole story."


From: "Helen Jandamit" <selena@bkk.loxinfo.co.th>
Subject: Internet weathers a heavy assault
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002

Dear Jean,

I too want to say how much I appreciate your mailings. It's been some time since I was directly involved in your Focus Group, but I really look forward to your mailings and join in those meditations too that I resonate with. I just wondered if you knew about what happened to, at least almost happened to, the Internet just recently. Please take a look at the story. There are times when stories like this get printed in the third world although they are suppressed in the West.

It's high time we get the 'Innernet' working a bit more efficiently, I think.

Thank you again for the great work you are doing.

One with you,

Helen Jandamit



Internet weathers a heavy assault


You probably didn't notice that the internet came close to crashing down last week. Few people did, and that was partially reassuring.

``Reassuring'' because the net underwent the most horrendous attack of the information age and survived pretty well intact. ``Partially'' because no one is sure yet whether a stronger, faster attack could succeed in crashing this worldwide network.

Last week, a computer hacker or hackers began the most serious attempt to bring down the internet - ever. The attack was still going on at the weekend, but after two days of close calls the attack had been successfully repelled.

Authorities do not have a clue who did this. Interestingly, they concluded the attack was not terrorism nor instituted on behalf of terrorists. This conclusion is the best judgment of internet experts, even though the tactics used to attack the net last week are likely to be used as part of a determined and hostile attempt to crash the internet by organised crime or international terrorists.

Last week's attack used a widely known attack known as ``distributed denial of service''. This is a two-part action which, like war in the real world, involves a build-up of careful and secret preparation followed by a sudden, unannounced assault.

In denial of service, an attacker floods target computers with a huge number of real and bogus requests and commands. If the attack succeeds, the computer under attack is overwhelmed by the many simultaneous orders, and simply collapses in confusion.

It is as if you were able to order your home or office PC to print five documents on three printers, send three faxes at one time on one telephone line, start your word processor with 14 documents including some which don't exist, dial two different internet providers, watch a video movie and start your internet browser at the home page of tomorrow's Bangkok Post - all at once. In fact, the main reason home and office computers crash is precisely because they try to perform just two conflicting tasks.

The big computers that run thousands of operations for the internet are more robust than home PCs, of course. But any computer will crash at a point when it has too many operations to perform.

The several hundred central internet computers and their human managers can easily detect and fend off a regular denial of service attack. Not only that, they can quickly determine its origin. Hackers in America, Canada and Europe are serving jail terms in major DOS cases. That is why malicious, knowledgeable and professional attackers use distributed denial or service, or DDOS.

This form of attack, used last week, requires planning and patience. The attacker must gain control over hundreds or even thousands of ``slave computers''. He only uses his own computer to order the slaves to launch the actual assault.

There are a number of ways to take control of slaves. A hacker can put ''backdoor'' software on machines in a university computer lab and internet cafes, for example. Another method is via the current family of internet email worms and viruses. In fact, your own computer, if infected with any of half a dozen current such bugs, can communicate with the virus writer, and put your computer under his control. Your computer can be attacking the internet, the White House or the website of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, totally without your knowledge.

Many computers in Thailand were involved in last week's attack on the 13 key servers in the United States and Europe, and almost brought down the internet. That doesn't mean any people in Thailand, or within 10,000km, were involved. The people who maintain that bakers' dozen of machines worked overtime, and saw several machines collapse before they could be resuscitated.

Some internet users claim they saw a slowdown in performance for a while, which is possible. Your email may have been delayed for seconds - even for a minute or two - last Tuesday morning. The key servers translate people's words (like ``www.bangkokpost.net'' for example, or ``johndoe@yahoo.com'') into computer numbers. If key servers crash, up to 90% or even more, of the net business would stop.

``This was the largest and most complex DDOS attack ever against the root server system,'' said a technician who fought it. It was not particularly sophisticated. That is the scary part, and the e-warriors who repelled the attack believe no terrorists were involved.

It is certain, though, that the public nature of the internet makes the incident entirely open to study - by security people and attackers alike. The net is inherently insecure and inherently open to scrutiny.

In important ways, the internet mirrors the free societies which invented, embraced, used and now depend on it. Bad people and the malicious, vandals and the amoral virus spreaders, nasty boys and, yes, terrorists, will be looking at last week's near thing, and devising ways in their own minds of how to make it work - how to be the one to crash the internet.

As always, citizens can play their role in stopping them. An up-to-date anti-virus program is necessary in these dangerous times. IT department chiefs who allow their networks to be penetrated are gravely inefficient.

- Wanda Sloan writes about technology in the Bangkok Post ``Post Database''.