January 23, 2002

Rising Phoenix Series #6: On the Cutting Edge of the Emerging New Paradigm of Love

Hello everyone

Here is another compilation of wonderful comments, courageous statements and illuminating insights and perspectives. I'm most grateful to all those who contributed the following...

And I love you - all of you!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"The important thing is not to think much, but to love much; and so, do that which best stirs you to love."

- Saint Teresa of Avila

May LOVE be the angel who watches over you.
May JOY be your very best friend.
May WONDER always find its way to your doorstep....
and may HAPPINESS warm your heart and brighten all your days!


1. Portals of the Golden Age
2. A practical suggestion from Marsha, Brazil
3. Moved to take some action
4. Why I Will Not Participate In James Twyman's Prayers For Peace
5. Where's Our Frodo?
6. Fascinating research!
7. The Noosphere of Teilhard de Chardin
8. Staying Home


From: "Birgitta Storjohann" <b.storjohann@sympatico.ca>
Subject: Portals of the Golden Age
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002

Dear Jean,

Thank you so much for the implant story, which is moving, and for checking it with Matthews. His reply is wonderful and shows that the greatest danger for us humans is to let fear cut us from the divine Source. This way the great energies cannot reach us, which in turn disconnects us even further, and so on and on.

On January 13th, at the opening of the third gate for the golden age, about 30 people gathered in Bromont and a wonderful work was performed by each of the persons. The vibrations were incredibly high. One could feel the energy anchoring through each one, and how each one was the vehicle for categories of people on earth working out the same karma.

The information that was available through your site was most useful, since combined with other information received, we could understand more clearly what was going on. The work lasted for around 8 hours and remained so intense from the beginning to the end. We thank each one that contributed to this passage of life.

With love and recognition



From: "Marsha Hanzi" <hanzibra@svn.com.br>
Subject: A practical suggestion from Marsha, Brazil
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002

Dear Jean,

Today there are so many techniques for raising vibrations, besides meditation. For example, the people at Perelandra have developed a small and powerful series of cleansing processes in conjunction with Nature. This includes cleansing of the atmosphere above each individual house (we do not have permission to do these processes on places which are not our responsibility...) This seems to me a tool against chemtrails. They also have essences for virus, bacteria, and fungi which seems to be for these super-bugs that have been developed. (http://www.perelandra.com)

Remember that we strengthen what we put our attention and energy on. I think it is time to put more attention and energy on the practical techniques available which all of us could use. This includes geometric forms (Genesa crystals, radionics, etc.), devices, sound, The Fountain Meditation, etc.

Or also the Matthew material which shows the struggle TOGETHER with the hope...

I am suggesting that your compilations have more to do with STRATEGIES than with compilation of more and more horrendous evidence... We don´t need to know any more about the WHAT. We need to know more about the HOW.

Another example: Ami Dar, an ex-Israeli soldier now living in the USA, has made a webpage connecting projects with volunteers. They are now starting a worldwide web of "Help Centers" which will be a fabulous yet simple tool for helping the millions that Matthew mentions as being innocent victims of the few. http://www.idealist.org

We are engaged in a sustainability agriculture program in the drylands of Brazil where historically 10 million people are subjected to a handful of politicians and kept at near-starvation level (mostly for lack of information as to how to plant correctly).

If you add these PRACTICAL links to your material (as you sometimes do - the HeartMath link was excellent!) - as your list now runs into the thousands - it would have an extraordinary leverage effect.

Hope you manage to read this. I sympathise with your thousands and thousands of e-mails. You have developed a most powerful tool through this list. Thank you so much for your courage...

Marsha Hanzi
Instituto de Permacultura da Bahia


Thanks a LOT Marsha for those precious pratical suggestions. Being alone to do everything here, I'm dependent upon people like you to provide me with such possibilities and will most happily pass them on to everyone whenever provided to me and as long as they seem somewhat realistic. Therefore I'd appreciate you to expand on all of the suggestion and movements you mentioned so as to pass on the correct, detailed info people may need for proper action.

In the meantime I'll included your letter and my reply in a coming ERN compilation ;-)

Love and Light



From: "Ariel Laman" <ariel_laman@hotmail.com>
Subject: Moved to take some action Re: The X-Files #6: The Dark Deeds of the Beast --- Webposted at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/Archives2002/XFiles6.htm
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002

Aloha Jean,

I was very moved to take some action after reading the Dark Deeds of the Beast, and would like to suggest an action that would send a strong message to the government, our political leaders & those aiding what is going on. I have heard various things we have done in the past, but nothing I had heard touched me as deeply as the information you have been sending to us. I cannot, in good conscience, continue to support our government, but I want to focus on salvaging the positive, constructive things we are doing. I have decided not to pay income taxes until there is a major shift in how the policies of our government are carried out. Along with this, I, along with thousands of others, are focusing on wanting peace and a world of nonviolence. I have put together a list of ideas to focus on that has turned me around. If thousands of us, from all over the world did the same, how long would it take before we would see a major change in how business, government, the military, relating to others would take place.



From: Sam Bouman <freedompool@charter.net>
Subject: Why I Will Not Participate In James Twyman's Prayers For Peace
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002

Because they are new-agey, airy-fairy, politically correct pap and crap.

We are in a war, and praying for peace in time of war is like trying to feed the same people you are simultaneously dropping bombs upon - it is schizophrenic. Peace is our sacred birthright, but it is irrelevant without freedom. Let's fight for freedom and pray for victory, not pray for peace.

The mindset that prays for peace pretends and presumes that the (so-called) leaders are doing their best, albeit in harsh climate not of their own making, to produce a peaceful world. In truth, the movers and shakers in our society have deliberately manipulated major wars in every generation so that they can advance corporate interests, eliminate some excess and useless eaters, and further erode the rights and liberties of us masses of common people so they can control us more.

This so-called war against terrorism is not only not an exception to this, it is a case with many exclamation points. Our real war is not with Afghanistan or the Taliban, it is with the enemies of freedom who control the Federal Reserve and the IMF and all governments. Certainly if it can be said that Hitler was evil or bin Laden is evil, then Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld and Ashcroft and Kissinger and Rockefeller are even more evil.

We are in a battle, both spiritually and on more mundane levels. Let's pray for victory over tyranny and evil, and let's not settle for any less than total and meaningful victory over our own fear and our urge to sacrifice our freedom in the name of more apparent security.

And let us take responsibility, and while we are in battle, let's not pray for peace - let's be in peace, and joy and love too.



NOTE FROM JEAN: All those who were enthralled like me by the first movie of the Lord of the Rings will, I'm sure, deeply resonate to Mary Devlin's editorial.

From: http://www.winged-horse.com/magus/editoria.htm

Where's Our Frodo?

by Mary Devlin

MAGUS has never been intended to be a magazine that's politically-oriented in any way. Yet in view of all that's going on in the world around us, and the causes of these events - terrorism, war, fear, and the manipulation of fear by corrupt governments seeking only to advance their own desires for endless money and power - it's difficult for any New Age teacher to avoid expressing concern.

Years ago, in a conversation with my late friend and creative partner, Edward Sparks, I was commenting on a speech made by the first President George Bush, in which he referred to the New World Order. Being still rather naïve in many ways, I wondered how a confirmed political conservative such as George the First could have so much enthusiasm for the launching of the New Age, to which so many of us have been looking forward for over a century now.

"There are two ideas for a New Age, you know," said Edward. I asked what he meant. He went on: "Our New Age means a world united in an era of peace and harmony with each other, the Earth, and God. Their New World Order implies a world united under one despotic government with all the power and wealth concentrated in the hands of an elite few."

To those of us who work for the manifestation of the New Age of peace and harmony, the second possibility for the New World Order all of a sudden seems uncomfortably close. Since our freedom of speech is rapidly being eroded away in the name of "national security," by writing this and circulating it over the Internet, I am putting myself and my colleagues in danger of being watched and even harassed by those whose purposes would be stifled by widespread dissemination and manifestation of New Age ideals. Indeed, I am taking the risk of having this website shut down totally.

I am so apolitical it's ridiculous. Before Al Gore, the last president I voted for was Jimmy Carter. I am no Starhawk; I have never participated in a protest demonstration, nor do I ever intend to. No time! Yet only those who take the head-in-the-sand position and hold out that "everything's going to be OK," can avoid the truth: There are those out there in power who would deprive us of everything that we value, and don't you doubt it for a moment. For devoted New Agers: Are you aware that there are elements close to the Powers that Be who would execute anyone who doesn't go to church on Sunday? Even the Inquisition at its worst didn't do that!

The Nazgul are in the Shire, moving among our friends and neighbors.

Don't get me wrong. I have faith in the ultimate power of good, and firmly believe that when 2013 dawns, it will be the New Age, not the New World Order, that is finally in power. Yet we won't get there if we don't band together, let the world know what we expect of it and then stand behind our principles. Contrary to what many pessimists believe, banding together does work. Several weeks ago, I got an email from one of my many friends and colleagues, Tim Rayborn, in which he referred to a plan by the European Union to restrict the sales of all health products such as vitamins, herbs, enzymes, and other natural substances which so many people depend on to maintain their health and vitality, hopefully way beyond the years which used to be considered "old age." I did some research on the subject, and my friend was right. The Codex Alimentarius was an international agreement among the United Nations that no substances such as those listed above would be sold in the free market unless they were prescribed by a doctor.

The meeting took place around the end of November. It didn't fly. No less than 180 million emails from people throughout the Western World informed the UN that we didn't want such a ruling. The underlying message was that if such a ruling passed, we wouldn't obey it. Can the Powers That Be control so high a level of civil disobedience? Hardly! So passing such a ruling was definitely not in the best interests of anyone.

For now, therefore, our vitamins are safe. Bear in mind, however, that this is a battle that we're probably going to have to keep fighting. The medical profession makes its fortune by treating sick people. If we all develop healthy habits and use whatever we can to keep ourselves strong and vital, we could put them all out of business!

But I digress. The point is, that by banding together we can short-circuit all the abuses of power that are happening now. I won't go into this here, but anyone who is interested can consult the Earth Rainbow Network website and subscribe to their newsletter. Their editor, Jean Hudon, does his homework and makes sure that everything he presents is true to the best of his knowledge, neither misinformation nor disinformation.

For my part, I'd rather point out that the Universe is basically on our side. If you look around you, there are signs - some subtle, some not so subtle. What amazes me is that virtually no one to my knowledge has pointed out the amazing coincidence of the release of the blockbuster movie, Lord of the Rings (http://www.lordoftherings.net/index_flat.html), in such a great time of need. The original novel by J. R. R. Tolkien (http://www.who2.com/jrrtolkien.html) tells a timeless story that is uncannily appropriate to the world situation right now - as it was in the days of Hitler and in the days of the Cold War, and will be whenever there is a major clash between good and evil. Unlike the subtleties of the written word, however, the beauty and scope of the film is like a hammer hitting us over the head with what's happening now, not in Middle-Earth, but in the present world of 2002.

In my humble opinion, the need for people to see this correlation is vital. Consider: Sauron represents the New World Order, and the Nazgul are those who would benefit from its coming into power. The finding of the Ring of Power symbolizes the attack on the World Trade Center - something terrible that empowers those who would make evil and selfish use of it. Remember what has been inscribed on its surface: One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

The Hobbits represent those among us with the head-in-the-sand attitude: "Nothing bad is going to happen in the Shire. It never does!" The Hobbits just want to keep on doing what they normally do - work, farm, dance, eat, socialize. They don't even want to consider that their pleasant and carefree life could be in danger.

Saruman represents those who sell out to the New World Order in order to gain a little of that power for themselves. The Dwarves are those who worship material wealth and luxury, and devote most of their lives to acquiring it, but draw the line at selling their souls to the devil. The Men are those with the courage to stand up for what they are. The Elves represent those who are coming to the end of their cycle of evolution on this planet, the Stage Five and Six souls (many of whom may be reading this article) who have evolved past the need to remain on Earth, but who want to see the New Age dawn before they depart.

Though many are aware of the danger and the need to destroy the Ring and stop Sauron, only one has the courage to actually do it: a humble Hobbit. Frodo Baggins, not much more than a boy in Hobbit years, leaves his beloved home in the Shire and braves the dangers of the outside world to save it. He is accompanied at first only by three of his friends, Merry and Pippin, who love adventure, and Sam, who loves Frodo like a brother and refuses to be parted from him.

On the way he acquires a number of allies, but in the end he must travel on alone, accompanied only by Sam. The weight of the Ring around his neck is oppressive, to the point of creating suicidal depression, but he sees his duty clearly: He must go on. He must see that the Ring is destroyed and the world is set free of the evil that Sauron represents.

At one point, the Elven Queen Galadriel induces him to look into a pool of water, which she calls her Mirror, that can show past, present, and possible futures. Frodo looks in and is terrified when he sees the Shire in flames and all those he loves, including his dear friend Sam, shackled in heavy chains. Impressed by the Elven Queen's powers, he offers the Ring to Galadriel, who refuses it. Frodo is committed; he must complete his mission and toss the Ring into Mount Doom, nullifying the dreadful prophecies which he saw in the Mirror of Galadriel.

Perhaps the most significant scene in the entire movie is the Council at Rivendell, where representatives of all the peoples of Middle-Earth - the Hobbits, the Elves, the Dwarves, the Men - all agree that the Ring must be destroyed, that someone must risk his life to carry this tremendous burden through the wastelands of Mordor and throw the Ring into Mount Doom. Yet they end up squabbling over who's going to do it - and only Frodo has the strength to step forward and say that he will take the Ring to Mordor - though he doesn't know the way.

There are many out there in our world who could be compared to the members of the Council. But the question must be asked: Where's our Frodo? Who among us will have the courage to risk everything in order to destroy the Ring of Power and stop the New World Order?

According to my friend, colleague and fellow MAGUS writer, Carol V. Huffstickler (http://www.winged-horse.com/authors/cvh.htm), Frodo symbolizes that part of us that is determined to do whatever it takes to accomplish whatever needs to be done.

That's all of us! We may not know the way - but we must summon the strength to find it! We must all have the courage to look into the Mirror of Galadriel and realize what actually could happen if we don't all muster our courage, band together, and take action. The Ring must be destroyed. Think about it!


To go on to the next article “Unity and Oneness: The Only Answer to War and Terrorism” , go at http://www.winged-horse.com/magus/unity.htm. To return to the MAGUS Table of Contents, go at http://www.winged-horse.com/magus/magusindex.htm

Contact: Mary Devlin at magusmag@hotmail.com

P.S. Give a look at http://www.winged-horse.com/magus/magushome.htm


From: "Kiara Windrider" <hoep@snowcrest.net>
Subject: Fascinating research!
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002

Dear Jean,

I thought you and your list may be interested in this. This is from David Wilcock at http://www.crawford2000.co.uk/wilcock.htm




NOTE FROM JEAN: Here are 3 quotes from this long article, just to give you an idea:

Our origin and evolution

Many sources, including Ra , Edgar Cayce, and others, say that the Oneness essentially got bored or lonely. It needed to do something. It needed to create. It wasn't feeling complete just by having this unified consciousness all the time.

So it conceptualized the idea of breaking Itself up into all these parts, knowing that the parts would be able to evolve by their own free will, making their own decisions. Things would happen that the Oneness was not yet able to understand or comprehend. The parts would have essentially their own creative ability. They would be Co-Creators.

The Great Plan was that at the end, after this entire cycle of universal evolution was complete, all of the parts that had evolved on their own would independently recognize their God Consciousness, renounce separation, embrace unity, and return to the totality of Oneness. The One Creator from that very fact would be highly enhanced, because all of this wonderful creative stuff had transpired in that transition from "One" to "many" and back to "One."

So God is evolving, and not some static Being that just sits there and waits for everybody to catch up. God is experiencing our evolution with us.


Then we look at the Bermuda Triangle. In a triangular area off the coast of Florida between Puerto Rico, Miami, and Bermuda, there have been planes lost as well as ships. It hasn't really been active since the 1970s, but certainly it was before then. And we're not just talking about marine vessels that disappear, and you can say, "Okay, well, it sank." We're talking about airplanes that are on radar and have radio contact, and suddenly they're just gone.

In certain cases there have been people who disappear and then reappear. There was a case in the late 1969 where a National Airlines 727 passenger aircraft flying into Miami had lost all radar and radio contact for 10 minutes. Of course, the air traffic controller was highly freaked out by this. Ten minutes went by and communication came back on. The air traffic controller asked them where they had been, and they didn't know what he was talking about. They had no perception of anything having happened. And when they landed, it was discovered that every single timepiece in the entire aircraft - everybody's watch, every chronometer, you name it - had lost 10 minutes! It was as if they basically just winked out of our existence for 10 minutes and then came back.

The more we investigate these vortex phenomena, the more we see that some strange things are happening.

Another vortex phenomenon case involved a group of young hippies who were camped out inside Stonehenge when the stones were struck by lightning. Witnesses saw them all disappear, leaving only the charred pegs of their tents. I believe that the higher energy vibration of the lightning activated the vortex that Stonehenge had been built to harness, which in turn caused this to happen, and I think that the creators of Stonehenge probably used these effects for travel through space and time.


And you can see that in those two locations, there is a history of incidents suggesting that matter has been transmuted in the presence of such an energy vortex.

What we are leading to is that the entire energy of the Solar System is increasing, and that at some point, it will reach a level where it will transmute all life on the planet. That is when Ascension will be manifest.


The bottom line

The only thing that matters is how much Love you are willing to share.

It would be so easy to miss this fantastic opportunity to participate in the evolution that is happening here and now on our planet.

The media is bent on creating a reality where our happiness is contingent on the acquisition of new products. We seek the best jobs and the highest status as we succumb to the mass illusions of "consensus reality" and "winning the game."

Each of us has the choice to create our lives so that we may participate in the Utopian world that will manifest on Earth after this Ascension process has completed — a world without poverty, hunger or pain; a world where full-body levitation, spontaneous healings, instant telepathic communication, and abundant Love are the law of the land.

This is the world that Jesus promised us in John 14:12, when he said, "As I do these things, so shall you do them, and greater things."

It comes back to question: What are you going to hold onto? You have to leave behind the physical life in order to participate in the Ascension. You have to be willing to move into a life that is spiritual. You have to be willing to give up the things that you once thought were important — your car, your material effects, your earthly status, your earthly fame and power — because you're basically only going to take yourself. You can't bring anything with you. No money, no credit cards, no gold coins.

When you leave your body and move into these higher realms of consciousness, all those earthly things will be meaningless. When you get out of this world without these braces, guess what? Your memory will be your sole companion.

And then you will realize that the only thing that ever mattered was how much love you were willing to share while you were incarnated on Earth.



Recommended by Ed Elkin <EdElkin@aol.com>

The Noosphere of Teilhard de Chardin

Fifty years before Fritjof Capra’s The Tao of Physics and Deepak Chopra’s Quantum Healing, the convergence of science and spirituality was being explored by the great French scientist-theologian Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. In 1925, de Chardin envisioned a giant network of conscious reflection enveloping the earth that would control the planet’s resources and unify the world with Love. He called this organ of consciousness the noosphere, from the Greek root “noos,” meaning “mind.” Many consider the Global Village of the late media guru Marshal McLuhan and the Global Brain of author/cosmologist Peter Russell to be direct descendants of de Chardin’s noosphere. So, too, the noosphere was a clear harbinger of today’s World Wide Web and cyberspace...

Read the rest at http://www.oasistv.com/news/index-story-2.asp



by Don Ferrari <ferrari@plix.com>


There is an infinite array of causes presenting themselves in these times, and it boggles the mind and especially the spirit where to place one’s attention.

All is being brought forth to view, for a clearing is necessary, on all levels, to enable the earth and all life to move forth in the orchestrated journey into the next adventure, oft times called heaven on earth.

Orchestrated, because the creator has given the nod that it will be so and set into motion all the energies necessary to bring forth this promise. At the same time, all that, which is in opposition to love is also being brought forth to clear.

Here stand those who have brought the earth and all life to the brink of destruction, those called humans, looking with wide eyes at that which is being put in front of them. Never before has a civilization succeeded in taking the planet and all life into the next dimension of peace and love. All previous attempts either ended in the total devastation of the planet and all life on it or the extinction of all life and a long period before the planet was resettled.

This is the point of consciousness we humans find ourselves at now. Since the harmonic convergence in 1987 humanity has started awakening from the dream called separation, as the influx of life force has steadily increased. I know this and feel it, but also when I go outward into “society” I oft times wonder if I am in denial.

There is no separation!! There never was. We just think it so.

One constantly tends to get locked into the “idea” or belief, that what is called the third dimensional world is the only reality and we are supposed to somehow fit into it. In turn, we “step out”, to do something, acquire something, communicate with our brothers and sisters, be successful or whatever. In so doing, we have, most likely, stepped out of self and into what it is we are seeking. This is in contrast to what I call “staying home”. By doing this, we have left the flow of energy called “love”, the primal life force of creation and seek to subsist on the available energy in this world we have entered. We have left home and stepped out on an idea or a thought or an emotion or a desire and entered the world of illusion. There is very little life force out there and we have found we get bounced around quite a bit - and it seems the rules keep changing. If we stay there long enough, we end up at dis-ease.

But we are here, on earth, in this frequency at this time! And yes, we chose to be here. Most reading this are what are called light workers, those who have come to bring forth light into the darkness - to go forth, and gently, with love and compassion, greet and meet our brothers and sisters who have fallen asleep, or, whose contract was to dwell in the darkness and seek balance there, until we came to bring them home. All is valid.

We can do this work without leaving home. We can go forth as needed, either for our own learning or for others, yet do so without attachment. This way, we can stay in the “love” and still do our works here. This way we do not lose our connection to source, and transmute the flow of the divine as we go forth. Also, there can be no attachment on the outcome of our action. It will be what it is if we stay in “love”.

Those called to walk in the streets with signs in protest of what is viewed as unfair, great, but do so while staying home. Those called to seek the impeachment of government officials, fine, but do so while staying home. As for myself, I choose to work on the vibrational levels and have a hard time out there, for I am too susceptible to energy and consciousness. When I write, my computer agrees with me!

There is a lot of work to do, but it is good work, and natural. It is just being, just becoming who we really are. We are being called forth. Time delayed DNA signatures are opening and we feel the rush of the new energies coming in through our crown chakra. Even the most enlightened of us, have no idea of what we are capable of or who we really are. I have a favorite saying.

“If you are there, you don’t know.

If you know, you are not there.”

The play is unfolding according to the actors, directors and audience. The script was made by the thoughts of all and is in a constant state of change. Of course there are many who are too busy to take part in the creation of this play called “life” and have assigned their will to others. That is part of what the “awakening” is about, the stepping back, looking, and realization that, “Hey, this is my life and I don’t like what I see. I think I will change it!”

How to do this? It is all a matter of perspective, - and choice. All choices are valid and strictly personal. At the bottom line, there is a plan seeded by creation, the Creator, God, Spirit, - whatever name you choose. We have been given free will, but “thy will’ never went away. It flows through our very being and is the essence of who we are, and waits for us to come home. Life can be fun! We must just remember that and enjoy it. It is a brief moment in “time” where we have come to take form and bring the love that we are onto this plane, and finally, after millions of years, end this concept called separation. All else waits in the wings. Only the two legged’s need this lesson.

I love you all for we are truly one.

In peace

Don Ferrari

Here is my new bio: "I am all things and all things are me, and whenever I choose to be this or that, I recognize the limitations I have placed upon myself by such a choice. I have worn many hats, played many games - both real and imaginary, yet I still am. To do so with the knowing that you are stepping out, yet not loosing self, is the game of life perhaps. There are culturally acknowledged labels that carry with them prestige, and others that delineate a lack of worth. The measure of man comes not from outside labels of acceptance, but lies in the heart, in the knowing that we have loved the best we could in each moment, for we can only love to whatever degree we love ourselves. When we realize the oneness of all things, we float in the love, in the moment, for that is all there is. Here are my credentials: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz (arrange them any way you wish) Be at peace, be in love, for all is perfect.”

NOTE FROM JEAN: Don also mentioned that feedbacks are welcomed at ferrari@plix.com - My comment was:

Thanks a lot Don. Once again you come forward with just the right awareness-coaxing storyline to continue the push forward towards realizing that we have always been Home within the sphere of infinite love that is our very vibrant, shining Nature.

I very much appreciate that good writers like you do feel the urge to take the pulse, figuratively-speaking, of where our collective truth-seeking, awareness-enhancing Netventure is taking us. This is the co-creation part of this Earth-spanning Rainbow Network that I love the most.

Thank you once again brother zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba ;-)


P.S. Don Ferrari will be speaking and giving a workshop in Sedona March 23-25 at the Heart Conference. For info and a list of speakers, go to http://www.heartoftheheart.com and click on Sedona event. Please contact Don if you would like to have him come to your area.