February 4, 2002

Rising Phoenix Series #7: I Believe in Love

Hello everyone

As its title indicates, this compilation is pregnant with Love and may have a profound and entirely hoped-for moral-boosting effect on you... as it did for me ;-)

Enjoy and share!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

Now is the Time to Remove the Veil & See!

Now is the Time To Send Love Into every Room we Enter!
Now is the Time to send Love to every person we Encounter!
Now is The Time to speak with our Heart!
Now is the Time To start.

Now is the Time to Embrace our Universal Family!
Now is the Time to usher Agape Love!
Now is the Time to Enlighten!
Now is the time to Let Your Lights Shine!
Now is the Time!

Now is the Time To Glow!
Now is The Time To usher The Cosmic Flow!
Now is the Time for our Love to Show!
Now is The Time To Reclaim our Personal Power!
Now Is The Time This Very Hour!

Now is The Time To Release & Be Free!
Now is the Time to Remove the Veil & See!
Now is the Time to Remember Love is not just In December!
Now is The Time To Give & Share!
Now is the Time to Care!

Now is The Time To Accelerate our Spirit!
Now is The Time To Listen & Hear It!
Now is The Time Usher The Divine Intent!
Now Is The Time To Grasp Why This Message Has Been Sent!
Now is The Time To Burn Bright!
Now The Time Is Right!

- By Dallas <Machoarm@cs.com> - Sent by "Alishaa k Asakura" <fengshui@aloha.net>


1. Two Replies to Light Series Request for Assistance
2. Worldwide solidarity
3. Feedback on your special request & Message from The Earth Council of Women
4. Meetings On Feb 5 to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives
5. When Soulmates Return into Conscious relationship, The Healing of Love Is Complete


The Palestinian Vision of Peace by YASIR ARAFAT (February 3, 2002)
I'll send this one to you in the next Light Series compilation. Most inspiring! A shining ray of hope!



From: shc@nitline.com (Eve Howard)
Subject: Reply to Light Series Request for Assistance --- Webposted at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/Archives2002/LightSeries14.htm
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002

Greetings Jean,

I have not corresponded in quite some time but read the compilations faithfully. At times with joy but most of the time with grave concern. Your posts have become such a part of my life. Listening to all of the light workers who share their experiences and journeys keeps me anchored in the belief that we are not alone. I cannot believe it will be four years soon that I have been receiving your messages and not once have you asked for anything. You have maintained the highest level of honor in all that you do and support. Over the course of this time I have even asked and you have avoided the subject, once when I did send something you graciously sent me a copy of your book. Those attempting to accomplish the missions we feel are ours all too well know how difficult it is to maintain the path and keep the wolves from the door. It was obvious that you felt badly to even suggest your need, your service and dedication is so great, please understand that you are giving us all such a gift, for those of us who can it will be a pleasure to help out whenever possible.

Take care my friend and may the beautiful visions you have of our world to come grow stronger knowing the love we all have for you.



From: Dana Stockar <dstockar@yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002
Subject: Re: The Light Series #14: Jane Grossman's message

Tres tres cher Jean,

I'm glad to read Jane's message, this answers my questions.

I've been reading your newsletters since last summer with a great amount of gratitude. You are doing a fantastic work for all of us, connecting us, feeding us with light... And since september I can't cope with all you send, there are always several letters waiting to be read, and everything has to be read because it's so important! So I keep asking myself how you manage to do all this work (as it obviously takes most of your time), what you live on, how I could help you... And thanks to Jane, I learned that I can bring my participation to your beautiful task. It's good to know that all of us can help your wonderful site to continue nourishing us.

I'm very grateful and proud to be a part of your list.Thank you, dear Jean.

Dana Stockar

Note from Jean: So far 3 people have given a do


Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002
From: IPSGeneva <ipsbox@ipsgeneva.com>
Subject: Worldwide solidarity

Dear friends,

This is an open letter we are writing upon our own initiative to all those who are on the Earth Rainbow Network mailing list, outstandingly moderated by Jean Hudon. After his message in the Light
Series #14, the ever-growing circle of light, describing his present financial situation, we felt compelled to invite all of us who have been profiting from his excellent service to show our solidarity and appreciation. If all of us committed to send him US$5-10 a month, he would certainly be able to continue, and this sum would certainly not be excessive for any one of us individually.

Let us demonstrate the strength of our circle of light in practice!

Your companions in Geneva,

Rudolf and Alice Schneider
Institute for Planetary Synthesis
P.O.Box 128, CH-1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland
Tel. 41-022-733.88.76, Fax 41-022-733.66.49
E-mail: ipsbox@ipsgeneva.com
website: http://www.ipsgeneva.com

PS: Dear Jean, we propose that you send the above paragraph to the whole network, on our behalf.


From: "Myriam Urooj" <altamash@cyber.net.pk>
Subject: Feedback on your special request & Message from The Earth Council of Women
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002

Dear Jean,

First of all I must thank you for all the wonderful work you keep on doing!!! God Bless You! Because of YOU and your indefatigable energy, people like me feel encouraged to come out of our slumber and work in our personal capacities to make our beloved Earth a better place for the Good of All.

When I started reading your Light Series #14 and you wrote about your special request, I was really wondering what it would be. Jean, ever since subscribing to the ERN 2 years ago, every time I read one of your compilations, I would marvel not only at the amount of material you churn out week after week, but also at the wonderful insights you would add to each compilation. I would wonder: "What does this man do for a living?', being sure that all this work takes most of your day. Now that you have told us about you, and your source of income, I understand!! (I am a translator/interpreter myself). You should have made this request long ago Jean, but as all things, everything happens and comes when it has to. I would be glad to help out even a little, and a lot of littles make more, and I am sure many subscribers feel the same way.

Because of your ERN compilations, I have learned so many things that I did not know about. I eagerly await your compilations, and when they come, they are like fresh water in a dessert!

Recently I came in contact with The Earth Council of Women. The Earth Council of Women is the brainchild of Quan Yin and Mother Mary, who at the present time are represented as ONE ENLIGHTENED BEING. In a channeled message from Mother Mary in 1987, Jackie Altissi, who worked at the United Nations office and taught parapsychology there, graced about 90 men and women on a retreat, with a message from Mary. At that time Mary stated that she was the Feminine Aspect of the Godhead. Quan Yin has often been depicted as a Divine Being. It is interesting and encouraging that together they guide the Earth Council of Women.

Quan Yin contacted our Coordinator, Helen Engel in July, 2001 and very casually advised that an Earth Council of Women is being formed, as a counterpart of a Heavenly Council of Women. She said that she would be trained, and immediately a door was opened for her to study Buddhism, and to take courses in Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy. Quan Yin also advised that the purpose of the Earth Council was to increase the Yin (feminine) energies on earth, at this crucial time. Helen Engel shared this colossal news with Victoria Witkowsky in California, and with Mary McTier in British Columbia, Canada. By December we had almost 20 members, and now that number has more than doubled, with members joining from Russia, Denmark, Australia, U.S., Sri Lanka, Canada, South Africa, Pakistan. Soon we will have the names of women in New Zealand and the Shetland Islands.

We are attempting to get four women from each country. The reason for the number four is that when Anna from Russia joined, our Coordinator was acknowledging her email when "an unseen hand" took over her fingers and she coded something like the following: "It is as if there is a beautiful white lace tablecloth over Russia, and four women are holding the corners of the tablecloth. The feminine energies are filtering through like falling snow, gentle rain and morning dew."

It would appear that we are initially a meditative group. We are not activists, nor do we promote negative thinking nor harsh criticism. Each member brings her special gifts, shares her feelings and hopes, and spreads the word. Almost every letter received describes a close connection with Quan Yin, and real joy that finally there is something like this that one can join. The women are of such a high level of advancement, that we truly believe that the Heavenly Council is prompting every one of them to join.

Our Scribe Victoria Witkowsky, gleans through the Internet and shares timely articles, but by and large we hope to be self-sufficient to the degree that our members will teach each other, share their feminine gifts, join in meditations, and gently assist our beloved men to open to the balanced male/female energies that make them so lovable. In a book entitled "The Pleiadian Work Book" it is written that the misconception of the inferiority of women was impressed on men by the Dark Forces, during the days of Atlantis. The men were also made to believe that intellectual achievement was much higher than spiritual and emotional traits.

We are just beginning to finalize a mission statement, and to set goals. One goal is to plan an Earth Council of Women Festival to honor the Heavenly Council of Women, especially our beloved Buddha Quan Yin and Lord Mother Mary, and the rest of the Council. There is no fee to join, we have no executive or office. However, there appears to be a need for an outlet for those members who earn their living as healers, or have gem shops. By having "ads" in our Website, those women could insert a business card, and we could all do business with each other. This is all yet to be discussed and worked out. So you see, we plan firstly, to increase the feminine energies, and also to use our feminine power for the good of all. (There is a lot of personal healing and growth awaiting us, but that comes with the territory -- as we volunteer, we heal.)

Tell me what you think Jean, your feedback is important to me!

With much Love, Life, Light and Peace....(These words I have learned from You!)



Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2002
From: Mona LaVine <monajl@earthlink.net>
Subject: Meetings on Feb 5 to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives

I have always thought if compassionate, progressive individuals could meet face to face, even in small groups that would connect to one large group, we might be able to affect change.

Here's a group that is trying to make it happen.

Love and Light,



Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002
From: Ami Dar <ami@IDEALIST.ORG>

Action without Borders

On Tuesday, February 5th, organizations and individuals around the world will be hosting informal meetings in homes and other places with a common agenda: to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives. Wherever you are, you are invited to participate.

134 meetings in 41 countries are now scheduled for Tuesday, February 5, and you can register for them at http://www.idealist.org/meetings

(If this is the first you are hearing about these meetings, please see http://www.idealist.org/play for more details). In several cities where meetings had filled up - Nairobi, Boston, Seattle, Portland and New York, for example - new meetings have been set up, so if you couldn't register before, you can try again now.

Requests to host new meetings keep coming in, so on March 19 we'll be organizing another cycle of meetings, both to involve new communities in this process, and as a follow-up to this first set of meetings. For the March meetings, all of the material related to this project will be available also in Spanish and French.

Following the meetings on Tuesday, we'll be asking each group to send us a summary of their meeting, and also some photographs, so that we can share this with all of you.

Thanks again for the incredible encouragement and support you've given us this past month. Wherever you are, we look forward to working with you. All the best! Ami, Russ, Lorene, Dan, Mireya, Lea, Liz, Emma, Samantha & Adrian Action Without Borders http://www.idealist.org 212-843-3973


To subscribe to this newsletter, please visit our homepage at http://www.idealist.org To unsubscribe, please respond to this message with Unsubscribe on the subject line.

Action Without Borders is a nonprofit organization that promotes the sharing of ideas, information and resources to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives. Idealist.org, a project of AWB, is one of the richest communities of nonprofit and volunteering resources on the Web, with information provided by 25,000 organizations in 150 countries.


Comments from those who have participated:

I feel inspired by this idea, and we must do everything we can to get started as soon as possible. Please count on us for support. This is a fantastic opportunity to bring people and ideas together for the common good."

Peter Bangura, Executive Director, Community Research and Development Organization (CREDO) Freetown, Sierra Leone

"I am a case manager in a Domestic Violence Shelter. I love this idea. What a wonderful way to empower and connect people! I'll help all I can."

Tina Blankinship, Phoenix, Arizona, United States

"I work as a general ophthalmologist in a government hospital. Truly speaking, I am excited to hear about this wonderful idea of getting people together via the Internet and, most importantly, face-to-face, to help our children all over the world lead a decent life, away from hunger, ignorance, disease and exploitation. I will be very happy to offer my help, if I can, wherever my help is needed, anywhere in the world."

Khadija A. Yahyai, Muscat, Oman

MORE COMMENTS AT: http://www.idealist.org/game/comments.html


NOTE FROM JEAN: Here is - in part - the comment I sent to Shanna after reading the following Message from God:

Dearest Shanna

First let me say I so completely honor the path you've taken a few months ago in service to the divine mission of Yaël and Doug Powell. I've just read - and so thoroughly resonated to - this message you just sent me and now perfectly understand why this call has been so powerful for you. Moreover, I'm infinitely grateful to Life to be able to vouch for the fact that what is described below is entirely true because that's exactly what I've been experiencing during the last couple weeks through connecting - at last and yet just at the perfect point in time! - with A'keara my soulmate whom I've not met yet in physicality but whom I'm now definitely communing with through Love - again just as is described below. We both can hardly begin to understand and explain to each other the magnitude and plenitude of what is happening when the sacred vibrations of Love enfold us simultaneously in a supernovic expansion of Lighted Oneness. All I can say is that we now both *know* for a fact that the long-prophesized Christ Consciousness, the epitome of the Power of Love Manifested, is truly emerging here and now on Terra Gaia and that we also both feel that this transcending phenomenon is going to happen ever more so often, for more and more soulmates now connecting through a series of amazing "coincidences", soon to form growing pods of Lighted Bipolar Units, the re-emerging/reconnecting families/collectives of souls here on a Mission of Redemption of epochal significance. CLIP

From: "Shanna" <shannamaclean@mindspring.com>
Subject: Monthly Message from God
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002

The following Message from God through Yaël and Doug Powell is a monthly offering to this email list. Information about our first book is at the end of this email. Suggested instructions from God -- read not with the head but with the heart!



I am here with you, pouring My light down. I want to give you another piece of the SoulMate message. Within My heart lies the perfection of Love -- every answer to every question and an ever-reaching energy of Love seeking to bless everything with Love. Thus in My heart, in the perfection of every cell, lies the blueprint of Love that is the truth of humankind. In every cell in My heart there is balance. The two beings that are one Love. The two mirrors, reflecting and thus balancing the energy of Love which is the energy that sustains all of Creation.

Thus, dear ones, if you are the physical cells of My heart, you are the movement of all Love into form. You cannot understand the truth of this yet, but I ask you to stretch to encompass this.

When SoulMates return into conscious relationship, the healing of Love is complete. Everything that has moved away from Love is now called back by the fact of the reunion of SoulMates. Dear ones, when you say "yes," when your SoulMate is with you, you become the proof of the healing of Love.

When you have grown in your Love for your SoulMate, when your heart is reflecting only the purest Love, then in union you become the heart of your own creation. Two SoulMates together are a force of creation. You are the seed of a universe of your own creating. The power of the Love flowing through you is the power of life. The substance of creation. Together you will begin to love your creation. You will begin to nourish your universe. Thus will I be expanded.

Right now you are just in the very beginning. You are barely awakened to the truth of SoulMate Love. But I must inform you even now that you are a force of creation, because your first creation is to be the New World.

My beloved humanity, it is time for the arrival of Love. It is time now for the coming of Christ, and Christ is the living form of My Love. The birth of the Christ that is coming is within you. This you already know. What you must grow into is that My Love contains both the positive and the negative in order to be a force of movement, in order to create. In order to spark life into its truth, to lead My children to the awakening, I am awakening both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within you. In other words, it is time for you to live and understand your truth.

As you say "yes," My beautiful children, and you open your world to the truth of Love, your SoulMate will manifest with you quickly. And you then can begin the healing of the world. As you fully embody the two energies, you will move into your larger creation, where you become the force which anchors the New World. First, the New World of humanity, where everything is experienced at the level of Love. Then you become another heart of creation, together moving forth to fully co-create. Yes, it is difficult bringing this into words. But let's keep working on this. Don't worry. What you do not get will be given again - and again and again.

It is the time of the return, of the embodiment of Christ as both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. It is true that the Divine Masculine, or Christed Masculine, has been present in humanity's consciousness since Jesus anchored it here. But it is not alive in humanity, not embodied yet in the heart of every man. Thus, to the men, I call to you. I remind you of your truth and I call to those who understand. You must make way for the advent of the Divine Feminine, which is coming now. The completion of the Christ upon the Earth is the birth now of the Divine Feminine. The completion of humanity is the reunion of the whole of Christ, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

Dear ones, as you allow the truth of Love to live in you, you will become together this reunion. In you will the balance of Love be revealed. This reunion is the one most important things that will occur. For as SoulMates come together, the truth of Love will be anchored in the world. Every SoulMate couple will be the receptors of these divine energies. The perfection of Creation, of nurturance and will, will be embodied.

The moment two SoulMates are rejoined, together they become an anchor for perfect, balanced Love as a force of creation. Automatically Love will pour through them so that Love can be fully present in the world. Christ returns to Earth. Christ is born as the couple, the moment their hearts are linked. And from that moment, the couple will be used to draw into existence the perfect expression of Love in the world.

Dear ones, the "yes" in your heart that puts you on the path of reunion with your SoulMate is the single greatest service you can do for the world and for My precious humanity. Plus, this "yes" in your heart will re-establish Divine Order in your own life effortlessly. Why? Because it places Love first above everything. When Love is the first and most important thing in your life, everything else will come into perfect alignment. Because Love is the highest truth of Creation. And this wholeness of Love, this return to perfection also will bring you the greatest joy. This I promise you. Whatever your ego believes to the contrary, the reunion of Love is the proof of who you are. You are designed to experience the truth of your divinity through the reflection of your SoulMate's consciousness.

Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are the forces of movement by which I create All That Is. Thus, everywhere in creation these two forces exist. All life everywhere is moved by these two forces, even when they do not overtly manifest. Thus, there is a call in the depth of your being that reaches for your reunion with your SoulMate. And though you may as yet be unable to fully grasp the 'how' or even the 'why' of this, if you say "yes" to Love, you will know its truth when it embodies itself before you. You will know the connection, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. You will know that the Love that pours through you is a healing force and a force of creation. For Love speaks the language that is beyond the scope of words.

To those who are still afraid of Love, I whisper that one moment of true Love will turn your fears to dust. One moment, dear ones, and you will know without a shadow of a doubt, that fear of Love has been the greatest lie perpetrated upon you, My children. Fear of Love is the trick of the anti-Christ. But that time is now over. All of Creation is now moving in harmony to support the emergence of Love in humanity

All of this Love will easily illumine you. It will pour its gentle light on everything. And guess what will happen? The shadows will fade. The lies will disappear and you will be living in the New World. The Golden Age is the truth of Love manifested in the world. It is the reversal of the mistake that you made in the Garden. For there you chose to believe in good and evil, and thus you turned your lovely eyes away from their constant focus on My face, My Love, the awareness of your truth.

Now as you choose to see only Love, you will turn back to Me again. The shadow dance will fade, because it is your belief in it that has sustained it. You will know that you are Love incarnate. You are Christ, the truth of My Love. And the Love within you will draw all Love to you and bring the world back to the truth.

In Love you will see what really is, not what the shadows had painted for you. And as you see Love, the power of that sight brings forth that truth in everything. Thus will the Earth be returned to splendor. Thus will the desert of your wanderings be replaced by the truth of Love that has always existed, even while you believed in destruction and death.

You do not even need to understand 'dimensions,' or what is happening as you are raised up in Love. What you do need to understand is that every couple that is living in Love is the conduit through which Love is poured into the world. It is contagious! The more people who experience Love, the more people will believe in it, because the Love pouring into the world through the new incarnation of Christ, will clear away the fog of the lower vibrations. The light will be bright enough that all who come near those experiencing Love will be bathed in it. And if even for a moment the fog disappears, each person who has such an experience is forever changed.

I will tell you again that I am Love. As I moved upon the Void I became the Two who are One - the blessed Womb and the Will to create something within that Womb. Thus was Creation born. Thus will it always be. I am ready to have you back, My children, that My longing for companionship be fulfilled. For you are My heart. You are My progeny. In you the truth of Love is evident. And as you awaken you will understand how each cell within My heart becomes a heart itself. As you embrace your destiny, you will see yourselves, the whole of Christ, the movement of My Love. You will know then how to begin to beat as one together, the positive and negative. The womb and the spark of life within it.

You will comprehend your truth as the embodiment of the Twin Rays of Love as they pour forth from Me. Knowing this, you will heal and raise the Earth who has so lovingly nurtured you. You will illuminate My children, that they too can turn back to the light, step into the truth, say "yes" to Love, and embody the Christ as both the masculine and the feminine that I am as Creation. Then, when the light has spread easily upon the Earth, you will begin together to co-create in ever greater ways. YOU will bless new worlds and shape new galaxies. You will understand how you expand Me, and surprise Me as you embrace the truth of Love. And the days when you played in shadows will become a distant memory.

Thus do I show you the deepest truth of Love. I challenge you to test it. To choose to believe only in Love, to turn back to the light of My presence. In what will you place your faith? The truth is now everywhere around you. The increasing activity of fear in the world will begin to make the choice obvious, for quickly people will realize that they cannot live like that. Those who are following the media frenzy and allowing fear to consume them will quickly realize it is impossible to bear indefinitely. Thus, by exposure to this intensity of the shadow dance, there will come a collective realization that it cannot sustain life. There is no nourishment of soul or spirit in the shadows. And even if My beloved children follow the fear, at that moment, the light will be there. The angels will surround them. It is My will that no one will be lost. Please remember this. I will not leave a cell of My heart in darkness! So knowing this eliminates the possibility of judgment. You are all My children. My progeny. My heart. So none will be left behind.

Therefore, I ask of you who can hear Me, your complete dedication to allowing Me to pour My Love through you. Please, find your SoulMate quickly that you can be the incarnated Christ, that I may pour My Love into the world through you. You are the bridge upon which the others will come, for you will make the light accessible. You will make the Love available.

For those of you who are living ever more fully in Love, please be sure to dedicate your light to the illumination of your brothers, the awakening of your sisters, for in giving Love you receive Love and lift your own life closer to Me. Don't forget the power of a loving word, a thought, especially a prayer. And always remember the moment that you understood. The moment that you realized you could open your heart. The moment you awakened to the power of the choice of choosing Love over ego, Love over fear, light over darkness. Be sure that all who you come in contact with have this information. Find a way to deliver it, to translate it. Find a way to use the gift of your Love to illuminate them. None come to you by accident. Ever.

Last, but certainly not least, I thank you. Especially those of you who are serving as the transformers. For you, My LightWorkers, have given Me the greatest gift, greater than I ever hoped. You have understood My deepest Love and offered your assistance in lifting up all of My beloved ones into Love now. You have offered to do more than your share, to bring light quickly into the shadows so all My precious ones can see. I cannot even begin to speak in words the magnitude of your gift.

In this decision, you, My LightWorkers, have become as suns, allowing the light to pour through you into every corner of this reality. What this means is that at times you must turn back around to face the shadows, that you may illuminate them. Thus are those of you whose lives would normally be only Love and joy and light but who are still touching the illusion, still seeing the shadows, still exposed to the lie, transforming for others. It is not an easy path, but how it proves to Me that all I have known is true. That you, My children, have stood the test and taken free will and molded it to the design of your heart. Those who have long scoffed at the plan of free will stand in awe. And Creation expands in gratitude.

Especially as you manifest Love before you as your SoulMate, it will become more obvious to you that these shadows are not yours. I will begin to show you how to move fully into your transformative power as I show you how to live multi-dimensionally. It will become easier to stay in the consciousness of Love as you walk straight into the deepest shadow in order to bring forth the light.

Oh, My children, light lives right here, in the midst of the darkness. Love is fully present even in the midst of ego. And the New World is here, woven into the fabric of this reality. Soon you will really see it, for your perception will switch. What you thought was real will fade to the background. What you hoped for and longed for will move quickly to the fore and will become the basis of your reality. Where the two meet, you will be able to see and you will then be able to keep adding light until the background is free of all shadows and Love is the only reality.

I will continue to place the vision before you of this expansion of Love, of the delivery of light, until you will find it hard to remember that you ever believed in anything else.

I am with you. Welcome to the world of Love.


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P.S. IN A SECOND EMAIL SHANNA ALSO MENTIONED: "We are in the process of working on Book II. This will be SAY YES TO LOVE, God Unveils SoulMate Love and Sacred Sexuality. The content is earth shaking (in my humble opinion)!