March 4, 2002

Rising Phoenix Series #9: Sadness And Yet Hope - If We Surrender To Love!

Hello everyone

You'll find several things of great interest below but first and foremost I very strongly recommend you go give a thorough look at - wait for it to load and make sure you click on the Earth to see The Wounded Earth Mural and DO explore what is offered. Astounding and very powerful!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. Give also a look at

"No matter what our attempts to inform, it is our ability to inspire that will turn tides"

- Author unknown

"If we overcome or do not allow fear to rule our lives, then we will be free loving, empathic beings - at home in a world full of other wonderful beings just trying to learn and share our lessons. If blocked by fear, our lives will be tortured and we will always feel alone and threatened."

"Surrender means we do not care for the physical existence, but choose to remain here because we can be of service to others once our own choice is made."

- Both quotes taken from "Surrender - The Key to Ascension" below

Do not search for us, we will find you.
Do not wait for us, we are here...all ready.
Do not whisper your name, we know it well.
We have loved you forever, time will tell...
We are your Guardian Angels.

- Angelic author unknown

"Angels transcend every religion, every philosophy, every creed. In fact angels have no religion as we know it... their existence precedes every religious system that has ever existed on earth."

- St. Thomas Aquinas (Both quotes above are from a site worth visiting BTW)


1. A comment
2. Sorry to say
3. Surrender - The Key to Ascension
5. Some Proposals for Educational & Economic Transformation
6. Silver Dove Convergence 2002
7. Request for help from Romania


Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002
Subject: A comment

Hi Jean,

It is such a blessing to know a Lightworker Activist who believes we should know what is going really on. Fred ran for the South Carolina State Senate in the 2000 election to try and help from the political end. We were going to try again, but the Shadow Government that was announced today makes this kind of work void. We do know that the good will prevail in the end.

Love, Light and Power,

Monnie and Fred Adams

"For a dream to come true, one has to wake up first."

NOTE FROM JEAN: For more details on this official Shadow government, read:

Shadow Government Activated for U.S.

A "shadow government" consisting of 75 or more senior officials has been living and working secretly outside Washington since Sept. 11 in case the nation's capital is crippled by terrorist attack. Such an operation was conceived as a Cold War precaution against nuclear attack during the Eisenhower administration but never used until now. It went into effect in the first hours after the terror attacks and has evolved over time, said senior government officials who provided details of the plan. CLIP

See also:

Shadow American government at work

But soon I'll send you an article about the Real Thing: "The (Real Undisclosed Covert) Shadow Government: Its Identification and Analysis" By Richard J. Boylan


From: "Leonard" <>
Subject: Sorry to say...
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002

Dear Jean,

The founding fathers of The United States of America, in their supreme wisdom and in hopes of safeguarding this nation from the tyranny of oppression by government, instituted the three part government system composed of the Judiciary, Executive and Legislative branches with the hope that none would be able to overcome the others and dominate government, thus preserving our freedom and ensuring the rule of the people. I am going to say what many are thinking and, as of yet, no one is saying, at least not out loud.

With the selection of 2000, it is apparent that the great American experiment has failed. The Union has been compromised. The Presidency has been stolen and with the complicity of the Judiciary. The Legislative, though containing many honest and courageous members, has for the most part been bought off by big money interests and can not act on behalf of the people who think they elected them. We are in the grip of tyranny and cannot do anything to escape the control of those who would enslave us. It seems to be all over but the whimpering. The Great Experiment of our Republic has gone down, not in the blazing glory of battle but in the unconscious ignorance of a people too absorbed in materialism to realize what has happened as Americans are riding around in their cars, with flags waving, while the continued dismantling of our government proceeds unnoticed by that great majority of it's citizens. This is a sad day indeed. And so, it is with tremendous sadness and a small amount of flagging hope, that I read the "Prayer for America" by Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Is it possible that there are enough conscious people in this country to support him? Will he be able to remain alive long enough to rally the people of this once great country? Against such great odds, I offer my prayers that sustain my hope.

Dear God, please, once again, Bless America and deliver us from evil. Empower us to accomplish the destiny we hoped for as America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Help us to take our country back and help us to be worthy of it. Amen.

NOTE FROM JEAN: The accompanying Angel & Fireman picture seems to be a fitting complement to this compelling plea in support of Congressman Dennis Kucinich who could become - if enough people like Leonard courageously step forward to support him - the leader that will spark a new American Revolution - a peaceful one this time! - that will bring America back as a true moral and spiritual example of a society that can blaze the way for everyone on Earth towards a brighter future where unconditional love, unreserved compassion and peace for all will be the guiding beacons until the entire planet is raised out of the current dark era into a new Golden Age of cosmic proportions.


NOTE FROM JEAN: This is a most wonderful, very inspiring and, to me, truthful article. A masterpiece that should be read by as many people as possible.

Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002
Sent by "Alishaa k Asakura" <>


Surrender-The Key to Ascension

By Peter Farley

Earth is now caught in an energetic whirlpool in which the perceptions of time and space are changing.

According to Wayne Moody, these changing perceptions are altering relationships between humans, as well as between themselves and their environment. He predicts that as these perceptions of relationship change, the need for damaging physical change will be alleviated, and although great physical change will still occur, it will be as a result of changing human perceptions of relationships. In this manner, he says, humans will experience a greater understanding of their role as creators.

The increasing difficulty with exploring these human relationships is laid out in a another recent article in the Deseret News entitled 'Virtual Reality' Coming Sooner Than You Think. Here, Raymond Kurzweil, one of the

most respected innovators of the past century, predicts that the boom in 'virtual' technology will quickly see the creation of what he terms 'virtual personalities'.

Kurzweil, author of "Age of the Spiritual Machine," is a man who touts technological growth and potential, while at the same time warning of the dangers it may bring.

By 2010, he says, we will have "full immersion visual and auditory virtual reality," though tactile virtual reality may still be limited in some forms. By 2020, these limitations will be overcome, however, though we will still be able to tell what's real from what's not. By 2030, as full tactile immersion is achieved, a Matrix-like world would be possible in which there will be "no clear distinction between virtual reality and reality."

Every day, new stories of 'technological advancements' come leaping across my computer screen in large bold fonts, telling me how life will be in the future-should there be any life to speak of, that is.

Working on talks for my summer tour, I am led more and more into reminding people of the limitations this technology is increasingly putting upon them - not freeing them as the advertisements would have them believe. Almost every big-budget movie of the summer address themselves more and more to an end of the world scenario than it they do to any possible scenario of a bright and peace-filled future.

More and more the technological nightmare of The Matrix looms increasingly upon our horizon. Surveillance cameras, brain scans, computerized ID cards, implants-all promise more a prison-like world that people such as David Icke speak of, rather than a spiritual re-awakening of the planet and an Eden built here upon the Earth. Chemtrails and nature's fury unleashed complete a pretty impossible picture of any kind of enjoyable life left upon the planet. So what are we all to do, especially as individuals, to deal with this growing apocalyptic nightmare?

There is only one answer I have found, and that is surrender. Of course this word has many connotations in people's mind, but the surrender I speak of, and that the spiritual hierarchy ask of us individually, is not the surrender to a slave state. It is more the surrender to the greater spiritual truth that is all around us, only hidden from us by the media, the mainstream press, and those who seek to keep us enslaved. The Earth changes are a reality that is beginning to take place even as we sit here writing or reading this. The sun's poles are shifting into alignment with the Galactic Center and all the planets in the solar system are being affected.

The chemtrails clouding our skies show the fear those in the New World Order have that we might just escape to a higher dimensional world and leave them holding the bag, or worse still for them, finding themselves having to transmute themselves into a higher reality where they are just 'one of the crowd.'

The shutting down of our personal freedoms and the restrictions increasingly placed upon us by our governments and our oppressors, should say to each and every one of us that the time for Freedom is at hand. All we need to do is reach out and grab it as it passes by; then, hang on and ride the Light and the Sound into a new and unbelievably magnificent future where freedom is not something which must be struggled for, but is an accepted fact; where the Earth is not something to be owned or to be controlled, but to be shared and stewarded, and enjoyed by all EQUALLY.

The worse things get over the next few years, the more we should be hopeful because the stronger one grows spiritually - in the true Light - and toward a free spiritual union with one's Higher Self, the greater the fear the Dark Side has and the stronger will be its opposition. The Darker things grow, the closer we will know that true Freedom approaches, if we are 'in tune'.

That Freedom that approaches, however, is also here now - in surrender, the key to the whole ascension process.

In an earlier article on Choice at my website (, the Spiritual Hierarchy spoke of the simple choices needed to be made at this time, especially the choice as to which energy we shall follow in the coming days. Once that choice is made, all we need to do is to surrender to our inner knowingness that we are connected - and then keep moving forward - taking care of what is needed today, and knowing that tomorrow will be taken care of also.

The two major factors that will halt or hinder this process of ascension are Fear and Attachment.


The solar plexus chakra or energy center of the body is the origin of both our fears and our self-esteem. Herein lies the origins of our choices, to live in fear - or to live in self-knowledge of our own Higher Purpose.

This same chakra also has to do with gaining control of our physical functions and developing the mind/body connection, and is the starting point to the acceptance of soul's ability to make an impact on the world and to achieve success. It is the origin of issues regarding the interplay between our life's energy and the world. And the quickest way to shut all these wonderful aspects of our being down - is to switch the dial on this chakra from self-esteem to fear - the other side of this very same chakra.

Constipation, stomach and digestive problems develop from prolonged worry, fear, or feelings of terror originating in this oh-so-important chakra. Breathing problems that are emotionally caused such as asthma and various allergies may also develop from events in which a fearful or terrorizing traumatic event occurred along with other accompanying smells, such as pollens, chemicals, flowers, garbage, molds, musty odors, animals, or other smell. And they all stem from this central energy center of our bodies.

Nerve problems are usually hatched in this very same chakra from fears relating to one or a myriad of problems we associate with our lives. The solar plexus affects beliefs relating to cognitive development, self and the world, and formative beliefs about the world and our place in it. It holds beliefs about power, abilities, and how we affect the environment.

It is only fear which causes us to not be "all that we can be" in life; that stops us from getting up and being counted, from singing our song, and from walking forward in confidence that we are loved and cared for by a very potent Universe and all of its spiritual inhabitants. As the "mind" of the body, the solar plexus or third chakra affects thinking processes, attitudes and the intuitive process of mental empathy significantly linked to the body. If we overcome or do not allow fear to rule our lives, then we will be free loving, empathic beings - at home in a world full of other wonderful beings just trying to learn and share our lessons. If blocked by fear, our lives will be tortured and we will always feel alone and threatened.

It is at an early age when this chakra is just beginning to open, and when we are most vulnerable to criticism, that our deserving issues tend to get locked in place spiritually. If we think we can make an impact on the world and that we deserve to do so, we will be ready to meet and master any challenges. If we don't believe in ourselves - mainly because the important people in our life don't believe in us and support our self-development at this early age, then our lives play out differently. We take on the fears imposed upon us by others or develop a reliance on our own self-defense mechanism of building walls and barriers and hiding behind them in fear. We allow ourselves to be shut down and to live out the fears of those who were supposed to have nurtured us and shown us the way to true a spiritual freedom within ourselves.

But so often this is not what happens and so many of the people that I work on in spiritual healing, especially women, are still blocked at this level of their development and steeped in fear of what life might be like without their self-maintained prison walls.

The New World Order does not need to imprison us if they can keep us in Fear and locked behind these prison walls of our being. That is why they know to grab us as children and shut us down through ritual abuse, through televised violence and the portrayal of a dangerous world where everything is 'out to get us'. It can take a lot of work to break down these walls, or it takes just one instant in our lives - an instant in which we surrender. What is surrender? Surrender is recognizing that we already have everything that we have ever been seeking. To desire something we already possess invariably has the result of denying it! Like some of these computer screen savers that are so popular - the more you chase them the faster they run from you.

All we need to do is to sufficiently let go of trying to control our world, just long enough to realize that our world can be controlled by a Higher Will that does a far far better job for us than we can ever do for ourselves.

This is faith and trust in the Universe and that our lives are not random acts of selfish lust or cosmic stupidity. A quick exercise to do at night before bed is to use a mirror technique to review the personal activities and events of the day in the reverse order to which they originally took place (in a mirror everything is reversed). This is time reversal as a psychological and moral preparation for transcendent awareness. The aim of this exercise is to allow us to see ourselves as others see us - to see whether we are the conscious co-creators of our lives, or the products of other people's wishes and desires for us.

One group of 5th dimensional Guardians who are here to help with the ascension process say that what is to come is going to be a global choice, a collective choice. For many of us looking at our lives in this mirror technique, we can see that we are not used to making conscious decisions in our lives. Rather, we are the effects of everyone else's choices.

When a civilization is sent into extinction it is by their own choice - or lack thereof. The fear we are being kept in by the media and by our politicians and those around us, does not have to be accepted. That, too, is surrender. Surrendering to our inner knowing that our choice has been made and that we have done everything we need to do to go forward, whether the rest of the planet does or not. The end game is now here. It is time for the darkness to be cast off or get transmuted into Light. We only give the Darkness more power by allowing ourselves to be fearful.

Surrender means we do not care for the physical existence, but choose to remain here because we can be of service to others once our own choice is made.


The best example that comes to mind of attachment holding people back is a scene from the movie Schindler's List. In it, the Jewish people being herded off to the ghettos seek to carry all their worldly possessions with them, only to have them all taken away as they are crowded onto cattle cars or into cramped little living quarters.

With the coming Earth changes, and as evidenced by the stories coming out of a recently flooded Houston, Texas - when Nature acts, there is no time to hesitate. Like Lot's wife, there is no looking back, and only what is most important to survival can be taken with us. Nothing material is going with us into the 5th dimension. It is only what we carry in our hearts and the lessons learned in our minds that will serve us in good stead after the new paradigm shift.

This means helping each other stay focused out of the plane level energy, that of the physical, and off those and that which would control us. Since we all know we can push the physical plane energy anywhere we want it to in being co-creators of the Universe - it is very important to make sure that we hold ourselves out of this level and adhere only to the higher spiritual levels of existence. To think and create on the third dimensional level is to remain behind. To think in terms of a higher spiritual awareness and a new paradigm is to go forward with the planet in its ascension, and in our own spiritual growth.

The easiest way to do this is to stay in the moment. A litany for this time forward is: I have what I need in this moment: shelter, clothing, food enough money for the moment, transportation, etc. I will also have what I need in the next moment as well.

The changes coming into our lives are going to come one way or another. If we can stay to a higher focus and try not to make things happen, then we will be protected from what goes on and not get caught up in it all. For those who seek refuge away from the duties of serving at this time, this will be a good way to stay out of the fray.

Keep centered and KNOW you are LOVED. That is what the Spiritual Hierarchy always say to those who are not feeling happy.

That is also the key to this time. In the moment, I am fine. In the next moment, I will be fine too, and each moment adds onto the next until we are out of this stage and ready for the next and we will be where we need to be by the Grand Grace of the Creator rather than by our deciding to handle just this 'one thing' ourselves with our own power.

It is true that we have the power to put ourselves anywhere we wish or that we think will be better than where we are. But it is not always possible for us to truly know where we are going to be in the safest, most perfect space given what is going to come. All of our knowing of how to manipulate the energy here is just about at a close for when the energies shift we will not be in charge any more!!!

For now, it is time to get in the right frame of mind and let what is coming be, do what we KNOW to do and not worry about anything but doing what we are asked to do in this moment. It is a time for asking more from our guidance rather than less.

There is nothing easy about any part of this, it is just one step and then another and then we will be where we are needed to be and the best part is we will KNOW why we are there. That will be a good thing. We all have the opportunity to go forward and to be in the right space in the right time. And all it takes is surrender.

What a deal!!!

A Call to Creative Action Choice.

With thanks to Kathy.

Peter Farley is a journalist, educator, metaphysical researcher and spiritual healer who resides in Roswell, NM. He is the author of Where Were You Before the Tree of Life? and Waking Dreams and the Waking Dream Cards (with Sharon King).

His e-mail address is

His website is


See also:

'Virtual Reality' Coming Sooner Than You Think (5-10-1)
by Lois M. Collins,1249,270017782,00.html


Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002
Subject: WORLD ANALYSIS - Spring 2002

The U.S. government has now achieved physical control over most of the world largely by Economic Influence and Subversion along with Military and Para-military Aggression and Presence.

Through such instruments as the War on Terrorism, CIA, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization and NATO, U.S. policies have made possible the planet-wide supremacy of a small element of economic powerholders, which is unrepresentative of the world's diversity and most contrary to personal sovereignty.

A cosmological perspective suggests that such an unbalanced and disharmonious world cannot prevail

Peace on earth and goodwill to All,



From: David Allen Stringer <>
Subject: Some Proposals for Educational & Economic Transformation from Emmanuel Petrakis
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002

To ATTAC-Greece & ATTAC International and for the attention of others.

Dear friends,

For a society to call itself "civilised" there are three basic principles which need to be adopted and applied:

1- A Non-Violent Lifestyle which rejects all wars and armed conflicts and which is harmless to humans as well as to animals and the natural environment. This applies to all aspects of our social & economic life.

2- Each country and local community should take responsibility for the welfare and wellbeing of all those living therein. This implies a basic income for every person to ensure essential survival needs and a decent way of life, regardless of their ability to produce. It also means free health & medical services and access to free education (primary, secondary & tertiary). This basic income should be adjusted every six months on the basis of the cost of living.

3- A wholistic education for peace and world citizenship should be given in all schools. Also, developing each person's skills and talents to serve the community, not an imposed program of academic and technological instruction. This education should be based on universal moral values and include character building, social skills, applied psychology, artistic self-expression and the arts, and, of course, practical and vocational skills, without any compulsion whatsoever.
As soon as I hear from you positively I will gladly submit to you more detailed proposals as to how these three goals could be attained. At this point it is a matter of adopting them as fundamental principles & demands (for ATTAC & any other interested association or persons). If you do so, you will attract the backing and approval of the world's populations as this is what the people need.

The threat to world peace & human survival essentially comes from the production and sale pf conventional, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. These should be banned by international law under the control, supervision and inspection by people's organisations, as a gradual multilateral phasing out, with conversion to peaceful, community-centred development and reconstruction (micro-loans for small projects and enterprises, re-afforestation, health services, clean water etc.) At the same time we might use the mass media (or create our own) to raise Consciousness & educate the public. We should also demand the mass-production of ecologically produced cheap homes, the harnessing of all unemployed skills and talents, the mobilisation of available resources (lands, buildings, equipment) for humanitarian & social change, and the training of a "peace army" of social change activists to train others.
Fraternally Yours in World Service

Emmanuel Petrakis D.Sc. , Universal Alliance regional coordinator for Greece
Galvani 6 Athens 112 55 Greece Tel: +010 22 30 439 Fax 8221 186

Further Proposals

An Alternative Economic System - Emmanuel Petrakis

CLIP - To get the rest, please ask it from David Allen Stringer <>


From: "Katharina Bless" <>
Subject: Silver Dove Convergence 2002
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002

Dear Jean,

First let me thank you again for the mails you send. They are incredible! I have printed out often information and sent it to some important people in Thailand, for example a friend who is one of the previous supreme commander of the Thai army, who has changed his life completely and became a vegetarian and started to meditate some years ago..... he just wrote a fax that this information is highly appreciated.

I have sent you the information recently, and I would like to write to you again about sending it out since you are the one who is helping the world to understand what is really going on. CLIP


Silver Dove Convergence 2002

April 4th to 7th in Chiang Mai

Interdimensional Communication / Peace Concert

SDC 2002 will mark the beginning of the Interdimensional Communication, when all the people on planet earth will have to choose either to welcome and interact with the beings from other realms, or to loose completely the contact with the Changing Mother.

When you realize what is happening in the world, you can see that it is crucial to reconnect with the healing sources in the interdimensional realms to be able to heal the Earth and move into the age of light and love. A new door is opening, let's not miss it!


We will welcome and celebrate this new energy with a ceremony in the morning, Saturday, April 6th (around 9 am Thailand - GMT 2 am and New York time 9 pm), when Uranus enters Aquarius. In the evening we will have a concert at the Peace Pole site, at the International SEA Games Stadium.


We invite you to attend the welcome ceremony for the Uranus/Aquarius energy in a beautiful mountain resort near Chiang Mai or to participate in a global meditation to fine-tune to the new energy from wherever you live on this planet (2 am GMT, 9 pm New York time)

If you are interested, please reply to this email and I will send you more details later.


Katharina Bless

Silver Dove Network, Chiang Mai, Thailand,

"All that is, is the result of what we have thought."

- Buddha

“There is no time like the pre-sent! There is no time but this time. There is not moment but this moment. "Now" is all there is.”

- Conversations with God, Book 2, page 28

“You look with the eyes of love when you look through your heart. You speak words of love when you speak from your heart. You heal with the bliss of love when you gently touch someone's heart.”

- Katharina Bless

Soma Center and Silver Dove Network supporting holistic life style, spiritual evolution, cruelty free diet and peace.

Mail: CMU PO Box 85, Chiang Mai, 50202 Thailand, phone: (..66) 053 297 407


Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002
From: IPSGeneva <>
Subject: Request for help from Romania

Dear Jean,

We have just received the following message from a group of students in Romania. We wonder if you could forward it to the Earth Rainbow Network, should anyone have books that they could send to Romania for this new library there.

Your companions in Geneva,

Rudolf and Alice


Rudolf and Alice Boainain-Schneider
Institute for Planetary Synthesis
P.O.Box 128, CH-1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland Tel. +41-022-733.88.76
Fax +41-022-733.66.49
web site:


Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002
From: Eduard Diaconu <>

Dear friends,

My name is Eduard Diaconu and I am from Romania.I write you in the name of a small group of students living here. These days we had the chance to sail on the Internet,and among all those wonderful things there, we have found a link to you. And after visiting your web-site, we were truly amazed by your vision over the human spirit.

We are some kind of a research and study group, trying to evolve our spirit, mind and body. Sadly, here in Romania it is almost impossible to rise from the common mass, especially when you use methods wich are generally considered "unorthodox". They have such a limited vision, and anything which they can not understand, they classify it as some kind of "heresy" and never look at it again. You just can not imagine how refractory and rigid they are. But you can imagine our struggle against the system, our fight for freedom. After a long struggle, we have succeed to open a public library. With some help from a local counselor, we have officialized our group as a Non Governamental Association. Then, to open this library was relatively easy. Though, we still have some minor problems in finding a proper location for the library. At the moment, it is located in a pretty old building, but we hope that we will find a more proper location in short time. Well, we have just started this "adventure", and those small problems are almost innevitable. What was really important was done.

At the moment, our patrimony consists in just six hundred books and almost two hundred magazines, plus some video tapes and music on CD-s and audio tapes. The subjects of all those includes almost all kind of spiritual traditions, from Gurdjieff's teachings until Carlos Castaneda's way. And even almost half of books are in English, we have more than 15 visitors per day. We were very surprised by that. People are really interested, especially in eastern traditions.

We have such a great desire to read and study your works, but you see, we have also a big problem. Unfortunatelly, we are just students here, and I can assure you that you will never ever want to be a student here. Our life is so precarious. We are rich in spirit, but the wind is the one who fills our pockets.

Well, this is our situation. And now we are asking for your help. Can we dare to hope that you may have some used or deteriorated books which you do not need them anymore? And if you do, can you mail us something?

I just hope that we are not asking for too much. And, if we can do something for you from here, you can sure count on us.


Eduard & friends.

P.S. Here is our mailing address:

Eduard Diaconu, P.O. BOX 3-70, Pitesti Arges,0300, Romania