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Meditation Focus #215

Healing the Gender Divide and Securing Our Common Destiny


What follows is the 215th Meditation Focus suggested for the next 4 weeks beginning Sunday, September 5, 2010.


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Please note that an inspiring video has been created by Fada San ( with the Portuguese version of the Equinox Meditation: Fourth Step in a Cycle of 12 Globally Synchronized Meditations and can be viewed through
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Please note also that in addition to the Portuguese version, the Dutch, French, Spanish and Latvian versions of the Equinox Meditation are now also available. As for the Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish versions of this 215th Meditation Focus, they should be available within the coming week.


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We came here at this critical juncture in Earth's time continuum to experience and be active participants in one of the most profound events this planet has ever known. We came here to help give birth to a new era of universal Love, Light and Peace as this entire field of existence shifts to a higher dimensional octave of manifestation and expression of All That We Are. Part of our common mission is to assist in anchoring the balance needed between the masculine and feminine polarities of this duality-based dimensional realm so as to enable the shift into the aforementioned higher vibrational octave. Over the course of Earth's recent history, spanning the past several thousands of years, a growing imbalance between those polarities has been observed as the dominance of the male energies has greatly tilted the balance away from the female ones. This has resulted into a patriarchal culture which, to this day, is responsible for the unimaginably vile violence all Life on Earth, and especially women, have had to endure. The examples of men's utter disregard for the sanctity of Life and for the mothers, wives and girls who live along with them and ultimately bear all human life on Earth fill the news all over the Earth. Nearly every war and every act of desecration and destruction of the Web of Life can be traced back to this patriarchal culture that has bred and perpetuated the imbalance within most human beings between those two foundational polarities.

Now thanks to a continuing inflow of very powerful universal Light-filled energies, that imbalance has been corrected to a great extent in many parts of the world and its positive healing influence is now being felt even in the most repressive patriarchal cultures still in existence – but not for very long. As agents of spiritual change and instruments of the Higher Will and Wisdom of Creator Source, we are now being called upon to play a more direct and active role in catalyzing this global healing of the gender divide that for so long has epitomized the worst excesses of an overtly dominant male polarity in world affairs and in the private life of every human being. No one has been left untouched by the dissonance created by this polarity imbalance and everyone bears the scars left by the psychic bruises and sometime the physical violence it has engendered. As holders of the energetic templates from which the fast evolving new planetary society is now being molded, we have the ability to collectively generate a powerful wave of balanced synchrony that will quickly ripple through humanity's psychic makeup to trigger the needed corrective re-balancing within every living soul, starting within each one of us, so as to enable all cells in the global body of humanity, a vital organ in Gaia's very own body, to resonate more and more spontaneously with the higher dimensional vibrations of Love and Light that continuously permeate our planet and every cell of our bodies.

Please take advantage of the next four Sunday's globally synchronized meditations to offer your Self as an instrument in the healing hands of God/Creator Source so as to further precipitate the global healing underway and thus secure a clear path for our common destiny to unfold as planned towards the completion of what already exists in the Life-Time Continuum just ahead of now, holding the vision of a rejuvenated planet, teeming with countless species and graced with the presence of fully awakened and perfectly balanced souls whose sole purpose will henceforth be to live as One with Creator Source, serve Its Omniversal Will of Good and Be All That We Are, for the Highest Good of All as One.

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Note: If you find difficult to fully grasp what you have just read, the following reminder may be helpful to you:

As you certainly know if you have attempted entering a state of deep meditation after reading theme-setting material such as this one above, the only way to actually reach a deeply vibrant sense of Oneness at soul level is certainly not to try to remember while you meditate any of the details you've read about the suggested meditation theme. Simply having a general idea of it in the back of one's mind is all that is necessary. The goal here is simply to impart through the written material a sense of the sacredness of this collective experience that is being proposed and hope that this will motivate people to create a special moment in their life to experience, beyond concepts and words, what it is to be an immortal expression/manifestation of All That Is.

"The most tragic facet of Humanity's fall from Grace is that when we began using our thoughts, words, feelings, and actions to create patterns of imperfection that resulted in pain and suffering, we closed our Heart Chakras so that we would not feel pain so intensely. This horrific event blocked the portal through which the Divine Love of our Mother God, the Holy Spirit, entered the physical plane. This event forced our Mother God to withdraw her love to a mere trickle of its original influence in our lives. This imbalance caused the hemisphere of our right brains to atrophy, which in turn caused our spiritual brain centers to deactivate and our Crown Chakras to close. We lost Christ Consciousness and the awareness that we are Divine Sons and Daughters of God. We also lost the awareness of our Mother God. In desperation, we clung to a distorted perception of the Holy Spirit. We knew it was the Holy Comforter and the Love Nature of God, but because we no longer knew the Truth of the existence of our Mother God, we thought of the Holy Spirit as a masculine aspect of our Father God. For the first time, we began using our masculine power without the balance of our feminine love. This caused us to become aggressive, warlike, and domineering when we were in masculine bodies, and it caused us to suppress our power by allowing ourselves to be oppressed and dominated when we were in female bodies. We can observe the dire results of this extreme imbalance to this very day."

– Patricia Diane Cota-Robles -- Taken from The Wonder of it All - Part 1 of 2

"The Law of Divine Oneness is the Universal Law that helps you understand that in the world you live, everything is connected to everything else. We, all that exists, the known and the unknown, the seen and the unseen, exist in a realm or field of divine all knowing, the matrix, pure consciousness or universal mind energy, sometimes also known as Life Force or God, and we are one with it. Because of this universal energy connection, all your thoughts, actions, words, and beliefs affect you, others, and the whole universe. These effects might be very subtle in certain cases, like the ripples from a stone cast in water. The ripples farthest away are the smallest but nevertheless the water is still agitated to some minor degree by them."

- Renee Guenette -- Taken from The Law of Divine Oneness

"The Universal Law of Faith makes you aware that, in terms of energy, all that exists is One. This means that you have a connection to the Source, All That Is, God, or the Greater Organizational Intelligence allowing you to know things that you may not have seen, heard, or read about. You have a direct link to the All. When you hope for something, you know subconsciously and intuitively that the things for which you are hoping are completely in the realm of the possible. You can trust that these things will manifest if you truly believe and know it to be so at the profound subconscious level. You also understand that your desires manifest only if they are for the greater good, that is, you understand that you will not necessarily get what you want or desire. Since things are all interconnected, what is good for you might not be the best for everyone else who is involved in your particular life scenario. In the grand scheme of things, what occurs has to be the best for everyone, not just for you. Life lessons have to be learned by all. Hoping therefore means believing, trusting, having complete faith or confidence, and expecting things to be a certain way for the greater good of all."

- Renee Guenette -- Taken from The Law of Faith


i) Global Meditation Day: Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon local time. Suggested duration: 30 minutes. Please dedicate the last few minutes of your Sunday meditation to the healing of the Earth as a whole. See the Earth as healthy and vibrant with life, and experience the healing of all relations as we awaken globally to the sacredness of all Life and to our underlying unity with All That Is.

ii) Golden Moment of At-Onement: Daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever it better suits you.

Honolulu 6:00 AM -- Anchorage 8:00 AM -- Los Angeles 9:00 AM -- Denver 9:00 AM -- San Salvador, Mexico City 10:00 AM -- Houston & Chicago 11:00 AM -- Caracas 11:30 PM -- New York, Toronto, Montreal, Santo Domingo & La Paz 12:00 PM -- Halifax, Montevideo, Asuncion, Rio de Janeiro & Santiago 1:00 PM -- Reykjavik & Casablanca 4:00 PM -- London, Dublin, Lisbon, Lagos & Algiers 5:00 PM -- Geneva, Rome, Berlin, Paris & Madrid 6:00 PM -- Ankara, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Athens, Helsinki & Istanbul 6:00 PM -- Baghdad, Moscow & Nairobi 7:00 PM -- Tehran 7:30 PM -- Islamabad 9:00 PM -- Mumbai, Calcutta & New Delhi 9:30 PM -- Dhaka 10:00 PM -- Rangoon 10:30 PM -- Hanoi, Bangkok & Jakarta 11:00 PM -- Hong Kong, Perth, Beijing & Kuala Lumpur +12:00 AM -- Seoul & Tokyo +1:00 AM -- Brisbane +2:00 AM -- Canberra & Melbourne +3:00 AM -- Wellington +5:00 AM

You may also check at;p1=0 to find your corresponding local time if a nearby city is not listed above.


The following is provided as a complement to further the process of inspirational understanding of what, in truth, cannot be grasped from a purely intellectual perspective, for the True Key to unlock the vault of your spiritual knowledge lies within you... and nowhere else.


1. Empowering The Vision of a New Earth
2. Precipitating a Deep Paradigm Shift on Earth
3. Dancing into Truth
4. Excerpt from The Light Series #64: Enlightening Magical Inspiration
5. Excerpt from Choose Hope and Change the World
6. Excerpt from a synthesis review of Starseed Transmissions

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Law of ONE

Releasing the Human Ego - by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles (August 5, 2010)
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Empowering The Vision of a New Earth

I have a vision...

I have a vision that one day soon all humans on Earth will recognize the powerful Force that unites us all, and behave as true brothers and sisters, caring for and cherishing each other, as they contemplate the glimmer of Love emanating from the depth of their soul through the purified window of their eyes.

I have a vision that one day soon every single living organism on the face of this planet will be seen and honored as a sacred, indissociable element of the whole Matrix of Life that for aeons has endowed this world with the sublime magnificence of its infinitely intricate perfection through the multitudinous forms of Life it has designed and animated.

I have a vision that one day very soon, Peace, Love and Harmony will prevail on Earth as it is in Heaven and that the veil which for so long has prevented embodied souls from remembering their innate divine nature will be permanently lifted and all souls, along with their angelic companions, guides and protectors, will celebrate every waking moment of their lives and rejoice at their new found sense of Oneness with ALL THAT IS.

This vision of a world in perfect harmony is the very reason we came to live at this climaxing moment in our long evolutionary journey. It is not the fantasy of a single human mind, it is the carefully planned completion of our long established common destiny. The convergence of universal assistance from space-faring, enlightened civilizations and from beings of Light beaming Love and Divine Wisdom at us from their ethereal dimension of existence is making possible the vibrational shift now lifting third dimensional Earth and all its living components into its new fourth dimensional state of radiant perfection.

We must not concern ourselves with how such an amazing metamorphosis is being achieved. We just have to welcome, as the proverbial butterfly gracefully emerging from its cocoon, the warm radiance of our inner Source of Light dispensing in every moment the perfectly balanced amount of stimulation, vital sustenance and imaginal guidance to allow us to follow our Golden Path towards global Illumination as One.

As we collectively reach the Threshold of our Awakening to blissful Unity and Universal Divine Knowledge, we become in a forever more conscious manner what we have always been since the very first Spark of Life manifested Itself as an expression of the Creator's Will to Be.

Humanity is morphing from a collection of individual, fragmented and disparate elements into a unified symphony of harmonized colors shining brightly like a globe-circling rainbow of gilded Love after a long stormy history of war and destruction.

Fear no more that fear itself could prevent us from becoming Who We Are, for Love is shining like a star in our hearts and guiding our every thought, word and deed.

Let there be Peace on Earth, joy in everyone, harmony everywhere and beauty in everything.

So it is and so be it.



Precipitating a Deep Paradigm Shift on Earth

We live in times of considerable changes and the tempo of change is now accelerating exponentially. It is not just about the fast-paced scientific and technological developments constantly offering new possibilities to the privileged few in all fields of human knowledge, nor is it just the ever increasing number of adjustments most humans have to do due to a wide range of reasons, whether they relate to global environmental degradation leading to an uncertain future, economic upheavals forcing constant adaptation to "earn a living", or simply the social, cultural and spiritual evolution of billions of people striving to express their innate core truth and experience happiness and a sense of purpose in their lives. There is a much deeper groundswell of potentially Earth-shaking awakenings now swiftly reaching into the deepest recesses of every living soul and helping, albeit surreptitiously, to shift things towards a global spiritual revolution in the very near future. Most people do not yet realize how completely far-reaching and all inclusive these subtle changes are since most of their effects are still below the radar of their ordinary conscious mind preoccupied with day-to-day concerns. But to those who are able to tune into the rumors emanating from the field of potential, when in deep meditation and trance-like at-one-ment with their true divine nature, the signs of imminent global change are unmistakable and coming across loud and clear. Life as humanity has known it for countless millennia is about to be so profoundly transformed that few of the recognizable markers of our currently dysfunctional and corrupted world reality will remain in the new age of spiritual expansion that is now dawning on Terra Gaia.

Violent behaviors, greedy acquisition of material wealth, fear-loaded mind-sets, religiously distorted world-views, even the way we relate to each other as individuals innerly sensing themselves as separate from everyone else, will all be history, not to mention wars, poverty and debilitating human suffering. Loving each other as God loves us, helping each other because it's the natural thing to do, learning to express the most wondrous dormant abilities each soul is endowed with, all of that and much more will be "normal" and forthcoming as if we had always been like that. Other souls in countless other realms of existence and on innumerable other planets in this multidimensional universe have already realized such normalcy and have been waiting for us to join the blissful party.

Now, do we each have anything to "do" to help this intuitive vision become manifested? Yes and no. Yes, through opening our heart to allow our own intuitive sense to guide us through the steps of our own awakening, and no, because it is not a matter of willing this to be or undertaking any extraneous activity to push in that direction, for such efforts would necessarily be driven by the old paradigm/vision of separation that always strives to "control" things around itself to bend them to its will and domination. Angels and infinitely wise souls are there all around us, just below the threshold of physical perceptions, ready and empowered to guide us into knowing/remembering Who We Are. Life itself is gushing through every cell and every feeling of being alive to help us to get rid of the scales still covering our eyes so we may see the blinding beauty, the ecstatic magnificence of what shines through us when we become One with All That Is. Are you getting the feeling these words allude to?... Right! Then...

Please dedicate your prayers and meditations, as guided by Spirit, to contribute to the exponential expansion of a supra-consciousness that will soon enable extraordinary outer changes in the ways and means by which human life express itself on this theatre of existence and learning environment, thus creating new opportunities for ever higher vibrational Oneness with All That Is, and precipitating a deep paradigm shift on Earth, for the Highest Good of All."



Dancing into Truth

I am spirit on Earth and I dedicate myself to channelling Love and Truth into my life.

I am a source of Light in the living body of creation ever growing in Unity with all as the Universe and I flow harmoniously in change together.

Love is my Nature, Truth is my Will.

The essential masculine and feminine principles as the God and Goddess in all their forms dwell within me.

The ecstasy of their intertwining is the divine spark of Life into my deeper nature.

I am a wild child, a responsible adult and a wise elder.

I encompass within myself the wealth of human experience.

I welcome the fullness of life with its joy and sorrow as I work and play.

Calling to memory all suppressed experiences, I accept them with forgiveness and understanding.

I love and I do as I will.

The Truth of my experience and purity of my heart enable me to govern myself.

I share a Vision with all people building a world based on freedom and cooperation.

The Universe flows through me and I use this power to create, nurture and heal.

My Love embraces violence and pain and transmutes them into peace and health.

I respect the autonomy of each and will not interfere with pity or harm.

I create my own reality as I provide myself with the experiences I need.

My spiritual nature guides my ego and shapes all I think, feel and say.

I lovingly and willingly surrender to the beauty and perfection of All That I Am.

I feel my connection with all facets of this Universe - The Earth, the water, the sky, plants, animals, spirits and other beings.

The divine within me recognizes and appreciates the divine within you.

My mind is a messenger bearing inspiration and intuition.

I am sincere, I honor my word, and I fulfill the responsibilities I choose.

In perfect Love and perfect trust, I share the Truth within me.

Life's experiences reflect my behavior as the web of cause and effect constantly reminds me of my path; whatever I send out returns magnified.

I use this feedback to stay in tune with my environment.

I am healthy, happy and free as Earth's abundance provides for all my needs.

I celebrate the cycles of change and recognize illness, adversity and confusion as opportunities to grow in wisdom and understanding.

Realizing the grace of the divine within I laugh, sing and dance in the ever-present now.

I am birthing a new magical being within myself as part of the planetary transformation of consciousness and evolution of homo sapiens into homo veritas, true human.

Be - become God•dess. I am - we are.



Excerpt from The Light Series #64: Enlightening Magical Inspiration (July 10, 2004)

One of my teachers says, we all have a light seed and a dark seed within us. And when we use positive words and energy, are loving and hopeful and optimistic, we water the light seed, which then helps us to create more light and what we want of the light vibration.

When we see and talk about the negative, the horrors, all that is wrong in the world, what someone else is doing wrong, etc, we actually strengthen the dark seed and help create more of it. We tangle with it and it becomes tangled with us... and stays longer than it needs.

Which do we really want? Can we turn our heads away from the illusion of the dark seed so we can focus solely on the illusion of the light? Can we stop feeding the dark seed and let it wither away from lack of nourishment so that the light may grow more strongly and quickly without impediment? Can we bring our awareness keenly to those times we think we are acting in the light but in truth are watering that dark seed? Can we realize that fighting the dark seed only perpetuates it, whether we fight it with words or with bombs?
Let's create a world we want from the seed of light within each of us!

May all be given the gift of discernment to know the truth and the light and the good from other choices.

May all those with hidden intentions working within the top echelons of power be transformed to know the true Spirit of love within and begin to act according to that Spirit.

May all beings honor political and religious freedom for all, so that we may all live in peace and harmony.

May we welcome with open minds and hearts and arms, any brothers that are different than we, embracing that difference for the joy and the beauty of the Creation it represents, whether that difference is for religion, culture, ethnicity or species, looking to that time when our star brethren will make themselves known to us.

May those beings with clouded eyes, begin to see the truth; may those souls with covered souls begin to hear the truth.

May all of us who look to others as wrong or dark, look first within our own hearts and bring to the light and love our own inner darkness that we are seeing outside ourselves in another.

May the soul correct these perceptions with light and with love.

May all who believe in death, remember the truth of life eternal.

May all who feel alone love someone.

May all who can, help another.

May all who are captive bless their captors knowing release is near.

May all those perpetrating acts upon another being in the light of fulfilling karma, receive enough light and love within their own soul to act only in the greatest kindness and love honoring the freedom and integrity of all others.

May all changes occur smoothly and easily with great gentleness and love allowing each being to know its truth within their own hearts.

With forgiveness, we all let go of the past and create a new reality of peace, harmony and unconditional love for all.

By focusing continually on what we want to see, hear, and experience, we create this new reality now in light in love in peace and in freedom.

Blessings to everyone this day

Kalama Hawkrider (



Excerpt from Choose Hope and Change the World

By David Krieger

"Each of us is more special than we can possibly imagine. We are, in fact, miracles of creation. Each of us is entirely unique. There has never been anyone quite like you - with your combination of interests and talents, knowledge and appreciations -- in the entire history of the universe. But beyond our magnificent uniqueness and our diversity, we all share a common humanity.

We have been endowed with gifts that we often fail to realize or to use.

We have the gift of thought and reflection, allowing us to grapple with the world's problems and to find creative solutions, such as the Earth Charter itself.

We have the gift of memory, making it possible for us to learn from our mistakes and those of others.

We have the gift of voice and language, enabling us to communicate and to make our voices heard.

We have the gift of conscience, enabling us to determine for ourselves right from wrong.

We have the gift of creativity, allowing us to add to the world's already enormous store of beauty through arts and literature, philosophies and religions, sciences and engineering, and day-to-day problem solving.

We have the gift of love, making it possible to share closely with others the incredible gift of life in all its richness and beauty as well as in its sorrow and suffering.

We have the gift of empathy, allowing us to understand another's hurt and sorrow and to reach out with compassion and love.

We have the gift of mobility, making it possible for us to go where we are needed.

We have the gift to make and use tools, enabling us to extend our powers dramatically.

Our tools have taken us into outer space, where our astronauts and cosmonauts have looked back on our beautiful, blue planet, so alone in the universe, so precious in its nurturing of life.

And our tools have given us the power to destroy ourselves. That is the essence of the Nuclear Age. We can no longer be assured that the continuous flow of life, at least human life, will continue.

Our tools are dual-purpose because we are dual-purpose, creatures capable of both good and evil.

And we must choose. Choice itself is another of our great gifts as human beings. We each have the power of choice that we manifest each day of our lives by every act we make and decision we take.

I believe that we are more powerful than our tools, including our most terrible weapons of mass destruction. We have the power to control these tools and to eliminate them. But we must exercise that power or our tools may eliminate us.

As the Earth Charter tells us, the choice is ours: "We stand at a critical moment in Earth's history, a time when humanity must choose its future."

That choice can be made by our apathy, complacency and ignorance. That is the choice of abandoning our humanity by default. That is the choice of abandoning our human responsibility. It is the choice of those who would sleepwalk through the greatest challenges of our time, perhaps of any time."



Excerpt from a synthesis review of Starseed Transmissions

By Jean Hudon

From Heaven to Hell and Back but with Something More

At twenty billion years, the universe is still young with plenty of room and time to experiment new forms of interaction between God and matter. As the transmitting Beings speaking to us through Ken Carey explain, biology now dotting some worlds with a thin veil of Life has still a long way to go before it fully manifests its potential. Much remains dormant in the fields of energy radiating from countless stars and galaxies. Following the harmonic patterns set in motion by the Primal Fiat of Divine Volition, ever reverberating across space and time as a permanent reminder of what is yet to be, a multitude of physical forms have sprung forth, expressing only a fraction of the infinitely expanding Intentions of the Star Maker. We, as individual beings, have been offered to choose among these endless possibilities to manifest an harmonic resonance of this Primal Tone in accordance with our own nature and inclination.

As we strive to synchronize our steps on this beautiful land with the universal drumbeat, we faintly start to hear the echo of an intriguing story across the distorting filter of a culture mainly based on violence and fear... "New beings, new creatures will appear to fly among the fields of what is still formless space, to share with us the joys of universal exploration. One day you will call into orbital patterns the atoms, molecules, and cells that will objectify this infrastructure and provide its physicality. " And right now a mighty transmutation of consciousness is unfolding... "The field of collective human consciousness is now entering the final stage of the awakening process, congealing into awareness of itself as the organ of consciousness (similar in function to a brain) of a single planetary being, a being with internal organs of oceans, forests, ecosystems, and atmosphere."

A powerful beam of information is striking our societies of consumption, exploitation and sensual hyper-stimulation and triggering the Global Awakening of the Creator asleep within us. Post-historic societies, as Ken Carey calls them, will be able to tap into unlimited degrees of galactic, universal intelligence as well as channel the intelligence of angelic beings and devas, connected with all the kingdoms of Nature, to fully manifest "a holographic understanding of the Being whose unfoldment is the universe." As with an hologram, the part will reflect the whole.

As the continuum of human and planetary evolution accelerates with each passing day, the imminence of this approaching instant of Total Unification of Mind rumbles like a colossal tidal wave about to engulf in oblivion all the spectral fears of the past few thousands years of unconscious, bottom-of-the-barrel God-human involution. Information on all sorts of ways to improve health, communications and educational opportunities has dramatically improved our chances to avoid the worst planetary upheavals long predicted as the possible outcome for the downward spiral of our "Descent to Hell". Now we stand on the threshold of an unprecedented expansion of consciousness that will render obsolete most past visions, ideologies and paradigms that are soon to be relegated to the drawers of incompatible instruments of self-understanding. Post-history is about to begin.

Yet, as they point, "incarnation into biological form was intended from the beginning." It is not an aberration that beings issued from the Primal Field of Consciousness were to descend into material form to implement some long term Goal of the Star Maker. We were not originally supposed to lose our sense of Oneness with the Eternal Source but, as already indicated, we were deceived into believing fearful thoughts of separation and isolation by entities under the spell of the forces of materialization. "The materializing influence", as Ken Carey describes it, " is the principle of contraction that holds energy efficiently bound in matter." Personified in the Western culture as Satan, "these universal systemic beings are the Creator's mean of keeping material structure in assigned patterns of form and behavior. They are the caretakers of Creation's landscape, the rulers of subconscious processes and events."

So it was almost inevitable that in the course of dipping deeply into physical dimensions we would come under the influence of such powerful forces and entities. Whatever resulting balance, between consciously retaining a sense of participating to the Universal Spirit and being affected by the intensely pressing needs and objectivity of the material realm, was bound to depend on our own free will and could not be foreseen nor controlled from the start of the "human project." Consequently, we somehow chose to "ground" ourselves so completely that material influence became excessively dominant. And so was the influence of our physical senses upon which we gradually relied so completely to assess the situations we are faced with and decide what course of action to take, that we eventually became spiritually blind, refusing to recognize as valid the informational input coming from within and favoring exclusively what we were told to believe through our physical senses. Thus came to be the needless and excessively barbaric and savage period of human history from which we are now just coming out.

But to fully awaken from these centuries of Darkness, we must clearly understand why we became trapped in such a predicament. What generated such an intense desire to remain cut off from the whole? What is still keeping us under the yoke of spiritual blindness? Basically, fear is the central culprit. Driven by the continuous influence of the pervading materialization forces, we came to doubt ourselves completely and we consequently rejected our innate natural sense of Oneness and trust in the benevolence of Life, adopting whatever cultural framework available to replace our God-given sense of inner harmony with a fake and fear-dominated set of ideas and behaviors passed on from one generation to the next. Thus all belief systems, social conventions and traditions based on an inherited cultural sense of confusion and separation, and on fear-related values are inherently flawed at the core. They cannot help human beings in sustaining a healthy relationship with each other and with our surrounding world, and must therefore be rejected. A new paradigm is needed, one that will put emphasis on personal experience and spiritual intuition to guide our lives. For as Ken Carey's transmitting intelligences so rightly indicate: "Ideologies are toxic. They poison perception and happiness. They block access to the intelligence that is designed to guide people's lives."

It is the responsibility of each of us to undertake such a sweeping change of mind to free ourselves collectively from the bonding influence of religious or ideological dogmatism. "The choice to function on the love-centered motivational frequencies (...) is the only choice that brings freedom." But while more and more individuals are taking the path to freedom, powerful forces from beyond the material realm are assisting us in this process and challenging those who remain centered on fear so they may also change and thus join the collective movement towards total planetary freedom. "They are invited to know themselves as parts of an integral planetary organism." In doing so, these assisting forces are obeying our own request, made before we started descending into matter, to help awaken us to our true nature when our downward cycle would be completed. And now the time has come for a new beginning, for a new cycle of creation, except that this time we are called to take part in it, consciously and with the entire realm of experience we have gathered during our long trek into density. "Your ego will not dissolve in such an awakening; it will ascend into enlightened comprehension of its co-creative partnership with the Eternal Being in whom this universes congeals. Already you are moving in the currents of eternal thought. As you continue to flow with this thought, it becomes your own. You remember."

Finally, it is of the utmost importance that we take full responsibility for our own salvation. As demonstrated during the last few decades, all over the world people are now taking responsibility from their tyrants and despots to govern their own lives according to democratic principles and an innate sense of justice and freedom. Although our long detour into historic mishaps and human tragedies might seem a waste of precious Life and energies, we are being told that, nevertheless, all this serves some useful purpose, and nothing is lost in the end. Through the sheer intensity of human experience in the physical world, we gradually acquired the needed qualities to interract consciously, passionately and harmoniously with the planetary being now emerging from the human project. And it is only through our own free will and dedicated enthusiasm that this project will succeed, for such a freedom of choice is what makes this living universe so unpredictable, and therefore so exhilaratingly wonderful.

Second Step Pause

Having discovered or unveiled the true understanding that was already present in a more or less dormant state within your very being, your soul-light being, you are now certainly wondering what this all means to you and your present life, and what is going to take place from now on... This realization, that not only are we pearls of consciousness stemming from the original Source of all Life but also that a tremendously wonderful destiny awaits us, provided we accept to collaborate to its unfolding, can but shake off for a moment the dull feeling of living through an ordinary life, working 9 to 5, eating and sleeping, day on day off, without any real challenge or any real exhilarating and adventurous odyssey to take on. So are we to become something else than what we thought we were... Are we to unearth mysterious forces that were lying dormant within us for endless centuries awaiting the moment to manifest their existence through co-creating with other equally powerful ethereal beings a new realm of manifestation that was planned since the Beginning in God's mysterious Design for this universal reality... Are we really that important...

In this realization lies probably the most extraordinary challenge offered to our curious and peculiar path of accomplishment. While we must acknowledge the extraordinary role imparted to us in achieving the enormous Goal set by God, we must at the same time keep within the center of our conscious awareness of who we are the intense flame of total humility and impervious dedication that may allow us the strength to flow across the tumultuous waters of historical events and treacherous temptations that only clear minds and peaceful, God-centered souls can fearlessly and impeccably master. And our most pressing challenge is the one we are faced with in the depths of our own soul... Shall we trust ourselves... Shall we abide by the inner instantaneous promptings we continuously receive to keep us on the right track... Shall we obey God's Will... If we do so -- and we are totally free to do so or not -- the Garden of Eden is given back to us. Our re-entry into heavenly paradise is guaranteed. If we don't, we stumble back from the brink of freedom into countless millions of years of... Well! Who wants to hear about this one!

The crux of the matter is the choice we have, as we always had, to willingly accomplish the inner design of Life and gracefully ascend into a new realm of evolutionary opportunities or... do something else! In this choice, repeatedly made over and over again in every circumstance when we have to choose between Light and darkness, between Love and fear, between God's Will and selfish self-centeredness, is played and replayed the endless Saga of Life, as it is since the Beginning of Time. Which side is yours? Which way do you Want to go? Which fate do you Choose? To answer this crucial Question, there is only one place you can go to find the Answer. Within!

Please, use your own free will if you so feel inclined now, and open a window of introspective attention in your mind to explore where you stand on this vital, yet so Divine issue... Allow yourself a few seconds of deep unflinching soul-searching to find out your own, unique answer, and then once you are back with your conceptual understanding of Life and Evolution, take a few more minutes if you will to write down on a piece of paper what this answer is for You...

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