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Meditation Focus #224

Joining the Universal Community of Love


What follows is the 224th Meditation Focus suggested for the next 6 (SIX) weeks beginning Sunday, June 12, 2011.


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REMINDER: As it was suggested in the Meditation Focus #214: Stepping Up Towards Oneness Consciousness, in which you were invited to develop and explore group consciousness with other like-minded souls, you are welcomed to participate to a global group soul communion, once a week, starting 30 minutes before the beginning of the weekly Meditation Focus, thus building up your level of group soul communion prior to joining with the larger assembly of souls at the usual time (16:00 Universal Time) every Sunday, and applying your revved-up group consciousness towards the current global meditation theme.

As we go through the last 2 year stretch before the culmination of years of individual and collective training and clearing to prepare the spiritual ground for the transdimensional shift that is set to happen around the end of 2012, and as we focus ever more intently upon the key goals we have each chosen to achieve by then, it is incumbent upon each soul to make a point to not only dedicate time and attention to a collective spiritual practice such as what is being done during our weekly assemblies to elevate our souls as One in focused communion of intent and purpose around the suggested themes, but also to gradually bring our entire field of thinking and feeling in synchronistic alignment, in every waking moment, with the Higher Will of Creator Source we aim to serve every time we meditate globally, as One with All That is. Thus we shall remain aware that every day, every hour, every minute and every second is a sacred opportunity to further Be-come Who We Are.

Considering the powerful effects the many symbols ("crop circles") appearing around the world can have to stimulate deeply concealed memory engrams encoded into our souls, it is hereby suggested that we use these sacred geometric archetypal symbols as soul-awakening aids during our global meditations in this last stretch towards the coming big dimensional shift at the end of 2012. You are invited to focus your attention for a couple minutes on the following new celestial glyph, just before the start of the meditation, and simply allow the intricate design of this symbol to stimulate whatever soul remembrance it may trigger.

The sacred geometric archetypal symbol suggested as a soul-awakening aid for this June 12 global meditation was reported on June 9 in Kingstone Coombes, Nr Ashbury, Oxfordshire, England, and can be viewed at

Several diagrams are available through


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Whenever we gather in Spirit to share with other souls the joy and blissful experience of the Love we are, we create a bridge of spiritual Light that connects us directly into each other's heart, thus creating a permanent bond uniting us and rekindling the memory of our Origins, when we were all forming one single collectivity known as 'Creator Source'. The grace and power that enfold us when we allow ourselves to break free for a few moments from the illusion of our physical separateness is but a pale reflection of the truly dazzling sun of Light and Love that radiates from our communing souls in the invisible realms, encircles this entire planet and shines throughout infinity. Shutting down the all-consuming perceptions from our physical senses to open up more fully to the inner world of vibrant radiance that emanates from the core of our soul being, we can then truly activate the entire spectrum of faculties and sentient, intuitive knowledge that are innately endowed in us all as the holographic fragments of the Omniversal Being we truly are.

It has been said by a wise seer, who lived in the Middle East many centuries ago, that whenever two or three come together in his name, he is there among them. This is another way to express the same truth that when many souls deliberately join their hearts to both invoke the sacred Presence that lives in all things and commune in thoughts and through loving vibration with all other souls partaking in the same experience, this Christed Presence is then spontaneously manifested through the loving mutual adoration and willful melding of souls that thus ensue. This universal vibrational template, variously called Christic Consciousness, Buddhic Consciousness or Krishnic Consciousness here on Earth, and by an infinity of other names in an infinity of other languages and thought-forms throughout this universe, is the exact same vibration of Love that permeates all beings and maintains its physical manifestation in existence. Love, this mysterious Force triggering this most marvelous bliss that pervades their entire being when two or more souls commune together is indeed what holds this universe together, what binds all souls at their most primal level, and what constitutes the essential wavelength that prevails in the higher spheres and vibrational realms of Creation that we are destined to reach through the ascensional transformation now fast approaching its climaxing transition point into a higher, more refined dimension of existence.

So whenever you meditate, whether alone or with others, and especially during the coming six Sunday global meditations, remind yourself that there exists a holy transdimensional brotherhood, a universal soulhood of Love, eternally rejoicing and chorusing in unison the permanent awareness of their immortal, divine nature as One with All That Is. Be aware that you have always been and will forever remain One with this universal, sacred Community of Love and that it is in your very nature to express and Be this Love in all you do and all you are. Have faith in Who You Are and let your Self shine through, never thinking, saying or doing anything that could hurt another expression of your Self, but always gently expressing the utter kindness that naturally flows from this loving Presence that You Are in this realm of existence. In so doing and being, you will mightily contribute to awaken in others the same sense of their true divine nature. And no matter how oblivious they might be as to just Who they are, slowly but surely, the loving radiance of your kindness and Love will warm their soul up and touch them like the awakening grace of a rising sun after a long dark night of silent stupor in the self-chosen journey of self-oblivion that was needed to better appreciate "where" we come from and Who we are, once we have conquered the blight of our own fear of knowing and embracing the Light of Love at the heart of our Omniversal Beingness. So let us all make the conscious choice to join and align ourselves with this universal Community of Love, for the Highest Good of All as One.

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Note: As you certainly know if you have attempted entering a state of deep meditation after reading theme-setting material such as this one above, the only way to actually reach a deeply vibrant sense of Oneness, at soul level, is certainly not to try to remember, while you meditate, everything you've read in this suggested meditation theme. Simply having a general idea of it in the back of one's mind is usually all that is necessary.


"We express today our Love for our Creator in the heart of everyone present. We also express today our Gratitude for our Creator in the heart of everyone present and for their uniqueness as Divine Beings. We express today our Love and Gratitude to all that holds the Divine Consciousness of our beloved Creator: the water, the wind, the earth and the fire elements, the elementals, the mineral kingdoms, all the animal species, and all the plant kingdoms. May all of Life feel our love as brothers and sisters of the Great Family of Light, each and all a living atom of the awakening consciousness which Is in and permeates all as One. Today and in our daily lives we offer ourselves as instruments of this awakening and healing love wherever we go and wherever we are, in this suburb, city, country, continent and planet. We pray to remind ourselves daily that as One with God we can all choose to be healers for all those we encounter as well as for our temporary hosting planetary home, so in need of our love and attention. We pray that we may also always remember to bless her oceans, rivers and water ways, to acknowledge her trees and animals, to honour her radiant beauty in all its forms, ever consciously aware, and thus, by example as awakening ones, that we may assist ever more of our brothers and sisters to wake up to the recognition of our common divinity and of the sacredness of all life without exception, separation, or classification, for these are the illusions which have kept us separate from the ALL which never was, never is nor ever will be separate. Thank You Beloved Father-Mother-God, for giving us this heart-mind understanding about ourselves as a part of You and All of your Creation."

- Lou Bognon (

"The entire shift of ages is an opportunity for everyone and the planet itself to evolve to a vibrational level of unconditional love. We, as creator beings, are then charged with building a new world on this foundation of unconditional love. I know that I am a powerful creator being (I Am that I Am) and have much to offer the world. I am basically saying to myself... 'I'm here now, so I might as well do things that I feel good about and, hopefully, help humanity at the same time. Since I am perhaps on the leading edge of the shift into the age of Aquarius, what is it that I envision creating for a new world? What can I do now that will help bring about the new world I envision?' I am certain I’m not alone in my desires for a harmonious and balanced world in which to live."

- John Goltz ( - Co-founder of the Love Foundation and narrator in this Temple of Light Meditation video from the Love Foundation YouTube Channel - Check also their new iLove app


i) Global Meditation Day: Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon local time. Suggested duration: 30 minutes. Please dedicate the last few minutes of your Sunday meditation to the healing of the Earth as a whole. See the Earth as healthy and vibrant with life, and experience the healing of all relations as we awaken globally to the sacredness of all Life and to our underlying unity with All That Is.

ii) Golden Moment of At-Onement: Daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever it better suits you.

Honolulu 6:00 AM -- Anchorage * 8:00 AM -- Los Angeles * 9:00 AM -- Mexico City, San Salvador & Denver * 10:00 AM -- Houston * & Chicago * 11:00 AM -- Santo Domingo, La Paz, Caracas, New York *, Toronto *. Montreal *, Asuncion & Santiago 12:00 AM -- Halifax *, Rio de Janeiro & Montevideo 1:00 PM -- Reykjavik & Casablanca 4 PM -- Lagos, Algiers, London *, Dublin * & Lisbon * 4:00 PM -- Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Geneva *, Rome *, Berlin *, Paris * & Madrid * 6:00 PM -- Ankara *, Athens *, Helsinki * & Istanbul * & Nairobi 7:00 PM -- Baghdad *, Moscow * 8:00 PM -- Tehran * 8:30 PM -- Islamabad 9:00 PM -- Calcutta & New Delhi 9:30 PM -- Dhaka 10:00 PM -- Rangoon 10:30 PM -- Hanoi, Bangkok & Jakarta 11:00 PM -- Perth, Hong Kong, Beijing & Kuala Lumpur +12:00 PM -- Seoul & Tokyo +1:00 AM -- Brisbane, Canberra & Melbourne +2:00 AM -- Wellington +4:00 AM

If a nearby city is not listed above, you may also check at;p1=0 to find your corresponding local time if a nearby city is not listed above.


The following is provided as a complement to further the process of inspirational understanding of what, in truth, cannot be grasped from a purely intellectual perspective, for the True Key to unlock the vault of your spiritual knowledge lies within you... and nowhere else.


1. The Journey of Unconditional Love
2. Global Ascension Meditation
3. 2011 Goodwill Festival of Unification Meditation



The Journey of Unconditional Love

The journey of life takes a new direction when we become aware of the power of unconditional love residing within our heart every moment. This awareness begins a new approach to life that leads to personal peace, natural harmony and genuine inner wealth. It also changes the very fabric of society as we begin to consciously express this unlimited love. Everything and everyone is noticeably affected by this energy as we move through our daily life with each step and encounter with one another.

Being conscious of love ignites the spark that makes all things new and restores the wholeness where we once thought we were incomplete. This is the energy and wisdom that bridges all the diverse worlds, thoughts and perspectives and restores our innate connection to all things. Love, and more appropriately, unconditional love is that which brings peace and understanding within where a moment before it seemed nonexistent and perhaps even impossible.

So how does one realize this simple change of attitude? It begins with a desire to know who we are as a being upon this earthly plane. It is a shift in perspective from seeking in desperation outside ourselves for fulfillment to turning our attention within. By beginning the process of conscious awakening, we start to notice and observe who we are in relation to who we think we are. This subtle shift brings enormous change in personal understanding. We see with new eyes, hear with new ears and perceive a parallel world that always existed yet was blocked out of our consciousness by our own limiting beliefs.

I am often asked, “How do we begin this process?” My response is that to ask this question means it has already started. Such is the nature of self conscious realization – we begin to ask new questions about life since we are no longer interested in the old habits we have been experiencing. For me, this is not necessarily a spiritual or philosophical journey; rather I liken it to a practical approach of common sense and deliberate effort to “know thyself” and with ever increasing self acceptance, to also “love thyself and all others without condition or limitation”.

Each of us is a potent source of love when we allow this energy to express naturally. There is nothing we have to ultimately do, rather we allow ourselves to feel and be love. It is that simple. However, for so many, love is hidden under layers of hurt, trauma, drama, pain and suffering. Emotional memories, unspoken doubt, fear, resentment and a multitude of old beliefs often keep us from realizing that these thoughts and feelings have no real power over us. We give them power by living in the past and being afraid of the future. We ignore the love that is present every moment by embracing limitation. It is time to change that. It is time to release ourselves from our own self created bondage.

When we accept ourselves just for who we are, we transform the moment into peace, security, harmony, joy and love. This process begins with releasing our limiting beliefs, past mistakes, lack of self worth, pride and ego through the conscious act of forgiveness. It is up to us as individuals to undertake this journey of healing and conscious awareness.

As we come to know who we are and why we act and react the way we do, we start to see ourselves in the faces of humanity. The reflection of hurt is our hurt, their pain is our pain, and another’s anger is our anger, just as laughter and delight reflect our own heart. It is seen in the face of nature too. Her destruction is our destruction, her beauty is our beauty. Equally in our children we see our potential and in their smile we see our joy. These seemingly random expressions are our past thoughts seeking manifestation. It is our constant reminder that love is the answer and the question.

To see love in others, we must first know it in ourselves. We build a new reality in this present moment when we let go. We change the world when we change our personal perspective. When we choose love over fear, kindness over hate, integration over separation, and peace over war, we bring a new reflection to humanity... our loving selves.

Harold W. Becker

The Love Foundation, Inc.



Global Ascension Meditation
Now is the time to become again fully aware of our true power of creation and truly live the love and the light, the divine essence of who we really are. Only thereby we experience the ascension into light, the way back to oneness and the creation of the New Age or Heaven on Earth. The following meditation exercise came forth as a support for the process of ascension. You can do it any time whenever you feel like it. You can do this alone or together in groups. You have all the choices available which cosmos presents to you.
The Meditation
(Everybody starts to get into the meditation in his/her own way)

We open us to the cosmic energy. With our breathing white golden divine Light is flowing into us. The Light is streaming in every cell of our body. We are glowing in this Light and we feel safe and secure.

Then we connect with our planet, Gaia. We let the light in us stream into Earth, deep inside her and see it anchor in the crystalline core in the center of the planet.

In this lLight we are one with the Cosmos and the Earth, ONE with us and with ALL THAT IS.

We feel our breath streaming through our body. We open our heart and direct our awareness into the middle of our heart. We connect with our inner light, our inner Christ-power, the divine source in us. Love, Power and Peace is streaming through our hearts and fulfills us completely.

We ARE in our divine presence.
We ARE completely in our truth.
We ARE unconditional Love.
We ARE a manifestation of the divine on Earth.

(Hold the energies for one moment)

The divine power who we ARE in our heart fills our whole being. The divine power expands around us and connects with the energies of the other physical or etherical beings in this room.

The divine power is expanding - into the house, the place, the city. This power in us expands into the whole country and into the continent and unites with all other divine energies on the surface of Earth to ONE light, to ONE power, to ONE beaming grid of love and peace.

Our united divine power is streaming deep into the Earth, into the crystalline core of the planet. There we anchor our energies and from there they flow back to the surface in powerful rays of light - and out into our solar system, into universe, filling all levels of the cosmos, penetrating ALL THAT IS.

(Hold the vision for one moment)

Everything now is Light, everything now is Love, everything now is Peace, in ourselves and all around us.

We are back home again, at home in God, at home in ourselves. We have come back into the Oneness of Creation. Back to the paradise which we once left to experience ourselves, to become human beings.

We now realize Who We really Are: Ascended Masters in the Consciousness of Light, divine Love and universal Peace.

In the consciousness of our divine presence we create the New Earth. With our Light and with the power of Love in ourselves, we create the presence of the divine here on Earth. A world full of peace, attentiveness and compassion.

This Creation is awakening now. It is awakening in us, in our hearts. And through us it will awaken in this world. Humanity knows its divine potential and is finding its true nature of human beingness. The cosmic plan, the ascension into Light, completes itself.

(Hold the vision for one moment)

With our consciousness we come back to the place of our physical body. We become aware once again where we are.

We take a few deep breaths and come back completely into the Here and Now. Back into our own deeply felt truth.


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2011 Goodwill Festival of Unification Meditation

The Full Moon in Gemini - Sagittarius

Wednesday, June 15 at 1:14 pm PDT (20:14 UT)

We take the needed time to create a sacred space and spiritually align our energies. When this is achieved, as part of the united group channel through which spiritual forces can become available, we sense and embody the Spirit of Goodwill.

We come together, beings of light from throughout our world, and we rise as One Light.

The gateway that is Gemini swings open wide and we are bathed in the Christ Light. We know the Blessings of the Wesak Festival are now being fully released for us and all of Humanity.

All is illumined as the Light of Humanity blends with the Light of our Spiritual Hierarchy. We are now infused with the pure Light of Divinity, and we are living in the Light Divine.

Our consciousness is filled with this profound Light and the Love of God. This Love envelops and flows through us.

In the moment we see so clearly that Divinity is here, present among us - the living sparks of Life. The Love evolves us, for we are the embodiment of God's love, of Divine expression, in our world.

We are full of the Will that is Good. The choice now is not whether we shall express this Will-to-Good, but rather how, where and when we can do the most good.

It is up to us to serve, radiating Goodwill into each and every aspect of our lives. As we complete the Three Great Spiritual Festivals for this cycle, let us remember to meditate on and implement ways of spreading Goodwill throughout our world.

Goodwill is Love in action!

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